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This beautiful meditation helps us to connect with the plant kingdom and the newly released life bringing energies of spring in a powerful and moving way.

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I’m going to speak plainly about magickal protection based upon my personal experiences of successfully coping and dealing with hundreds of magickal conflicts over the years. It seems that when a person begins to work with magickal energies to any serious degree it messes with the workings of other magick workers and they will visit to shut you down if they can. If they can’t some kind of agreement or arrangement needs to be reached, which simply means one of you needs to be put in their place so they are not messing with the other. This has nothing to do with malevolent actions or ill intent. It simply means that your own efforts are seriously messing up the astral planes for others and some balance and resolution is required.

There are seven types of astral bodies and seven types of magickal energies associated with each and with each of the seven chakras. These are based upon the seven possible electrons rings within an atom. Each electron ring and its full complement of electrons represents one type of energy, one astral body, one astral world, and one type of awareness. They are from the bottom up:

The etheric

The physical

The lower emotional

The upper emotional

The concrete mental

The abstract mental

The concrete spiritual

Everything else is above the Great Abyss and not to be dealt with except to state that in working with magick having enough energy is of utmost importance. And the lower the magickal workings, the more energy is required. The absolute best source of unlimited magickal energy is tapping into Source as Spiritual Light and Photon energy. This is why the portal meditations are so important. They develop our energy channels to Source and allow us to channel much more energy than we would be able to in any other way! Any tradition working with high magick has a ball of energy about two inches above the head which taps into Source energies. Other low magick traditions get their energy from elsewhere, often other living things or physical exertion.

In my walking of the magickal path for the past twenty years I have experienced hundreds of magickal attacks, especially in the early years, and never once lost a conflict! The only reason I can say that is because I tap into Source and allow Source energy to come to my defense. Such magickal conflict has now become exceedingly rare and only happens once or twice a year. And even these conflicts are not serious challenges.

What I am about to share is so simple, some may disregard it. But I assure you that I am speaking from my heart. I recently joined the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids as I’ve mentioned in previous posts. One of their practices involved simply walking around a circle and stopping in each direction. At each station one would stretch out their hand and simply say, “May there be peace in the North”, or whatever direction was appropriate. Then you would radiate energy out into that direction.

I found that when doing this simple practice I automatically “scanned” each type of energy within my own aura beginning with where my feet touched the ground, then root chakra energy, sacral chakra energy, Solar Plexus chakra energy, Heart chakra energy, Throat chakra energy, Third eye energy and Crown Chakra energy.

I could tell instantly if there was any negative energy or invasive energy within my own aura and if there was, I could raise it up to Source and get rid of it, or cast it down into the earth as an alternative.

Your personal aura is the strongest and most powerful magickal protection that you can ever have and nothing more is needed or will ever be needed. Noted occultist Dion Fortune also mentions this in some of her teachings. The portal meditations develop the personal aura and integrate the levels in a very powerful way. The only reason to ever cast a physical circle is to include the physical body in the magickal working at a greater level of intensity. This integrates the physical body and involves it more deeply in the working.

Similar things can be said about group workings. The aura of the linked members of a group is the actual circle that is created. It never needs to be cast physically. However, some physical involvement does help to more fully integrate the physical body with the magickal working.

In summary it is the development of the aura itself that is of utmost importance. This is done by the development and integration of each chakra center and those particular energies. That is why daily working with portal meditations is so important and powerful. Some type of daily practice is the mark of a true professional! Anyone that is magickally powerful will have a daily practice which they perform.

The concepts of elemental energies, planetary energies, working with magickal entities, casting magick circles and rituals of any type are largely distorted and lead a person away from what is truly important. They act to confuse what is truly very simple! The development and strengthening of the aura!

Fantasy, Animal, Girl, 3D, Render, Cg, Cgi, Atmospheric

In trying to discover a new and higher octave of Druidry for our new world it helps to know the big picture that leads to full spectrum living. So this post is simply going to explore some basic seed thoughts that will need to be more fully explored at a later time. But we need to start somewhere. Ancient tradition tells us that there were three waves of human emigration out of Atlantis before its final destruction around 14,500 years ago.

So let’s take a brief look at these three migrations and see if we can reach some general conclusions. But even before we can do this we need to place ancient Atlantis on the map. My personal understanding is that ancient Atlantis was located at the circular rock formation that is now called “The Eye of Africa” in the Sahara desert. What was once ocean has now been lifted above sea level and the silt of the ocean bottom become desert sands. The cataclysm that destroyed it and caused the great flood of antiquity was a large meteor that struck Greenland where the Hiawatha glacier is now located and set off the Younger Drayus period which was a near extinction event around 14,500 years ago.

But these human migrations took place before the destruction of Atlantis. The oldest and most ancient migration left Africa moving up the fertile crescent area and eventually settled in the Caucasus mountains and Balkans. This migration was kept safe from the great flood of antiquity because of the surrounding mountain ranges that protected them. Because of this they were able to keep their teachings as pure as possible. These were the ancient roots of the Druids, who later moved westward and north to ultimately settle in Ireland and Britain. So in Druidry we can find some of the most ancient roots of religion and spirituality, based upon the etheric energies, the holy grail and the three stages of the godess. Most notable of the Druids was their conviction of another world that existed in parallel to the physical world. This is obviously the underworld of antiquity. These were the secrets of the root chakra.

The second migration of humanity moved to the east and formed the basis of the eastern religions including what we know as the martial arts and tantra as well as Buddhism and Confucianism. These were the secrets of the tan tien or the sacral chakra and survivalism.

Now every 2,000 years a new energy comes into the world and new teachings appear that relate to a new chakra. So we can see the Druids as keeping the teachings of the root chakra, and the asians as keeping the secrets of the sacral chakra. But the ancient Egyptians, who are considered the third and final wave that came out of Atlantis were definitely heart chakra oriented. The Solar Plexus chakra is missing. So there must be a fourth, unknown or unrecognized migration that held the secrets of the Solar Plexus chakra, the lower emotional energies.

We find this group of people in the Minoan civilization of ancient Crete which was completely destroyed. Now occult tradition calls these Solar Plexus energies the Nordic Ray and war like. But there are interesting clues that witchcraft and the healing arts with herbs and medicines came out of Italy. Crete was also the only known ancient civilization that was goddess oriented. Nearby we find Zoroastrianism which was heavily influenced by it.

So we find civilizations that each teach the mysteries of one particular energy or chakra:

Atlantean – Unity or Law of One

Post destruction – (14, 500 BC)

Proto-Druids – root chakra – etheric (10,000 BC)

Asia – sacral chakra – tantric/physical (8000 BC)

Minoan/Nordic – Solar Plexus – lower emotional (6000 BC)

Egyptian – Heart chakra – upper emotional (4000 BC)

Greece – Throat chakra – concrete mental (2000 BC)

Christianity – Third eye chakra – abstract mental (0 AD)

Spiritual Hierarchy – crown chakra – concrete spiritual/ achetypal (2000 AD)

I’m just trying to get an over view at this point. What is important is that today we have mixtures of all sacred teachings and this is important for full spectrum living. We are also beginning a new and higher octave in which once more the root chakra is the main source of energy and life force. But there are severe distortions in what has been passed down to us through time.

The complete soul must travel both the mystical and the magickal path on its way to completion and we can use what we know of these paths to fill in some of the empty spots, rough spots, and errors. All to often we think that our ancient ancestors lived and believed the same things that we do. We project our values and beliefs on them and that is not fair and not accurate. I will give some ready examples.

Ancient life was harsh and difficult. Physical exertion and raw survival needs and skills were far more important than they are in today’s world. The natural world, the etheric world, was much closer to daily life than it is today. A basic belief in the otherworld was a core requirement of Druid society. They believed there were two worlds and travel between them was possible. We see this in the old stories and myths.

Sexuality and the natural roles of the male and female in both procreation and in the development of the soul and its powers were known and very important within ancient societies. This was mostly goddess oriented and the societies were pastoral with herds and breeding programs. The virgin was sacred for magickal/mystical reasons and marriages were arranged. As a wife she was expected to be a mother and produce children. After that role was fulfilled she was free to take on the crone or witch aspect which included more freedom with respect of sexuality. Much of the work of the female took place within the etheric realms and not the physical realms and this needs to be understood in its proper context. Females give birth to the “various astral bodies” as well as giving birth to physical babies. They “took in” the energy of the male and created with it. The female was and is the Holy Grail of legend and myth. She is the one who created the “abundance” of life in all its aspects.

The negation of human sexuality by Christianity is one of the great crimes against humanity. Human bodies were created for sexual pleasure as well as sexual procreation and our ancient ancestors did not have the hangups around sexuality that we do in today’s modern world.

In summary, we can think of the spirituality of the not so ancient Druids ( those pre-Druids that settled in Ireland around 2,000 BC) as encompassing as much of the other influences as possible. They then assimilated much from the Celts, Greeks and Christians as well. But these concerns and beliefs can be broadly characterized as:

A belief in two worlds that it is possible to live and function in at the same time.

The role of the female as Holy Grail of prosperity and abundance. This includes the three faces of the goddess.

A concern with basic survival in all of its aspects and how magick (working with the etheric) can manifest what is needed.

A concern with self defense and battle skills to ensure the safety of community and family.

A concern with medicine and healing arts which were needed to ensure healthy births and to heal wounds.

A core set of values or “code of living” much like the ten commandments but symbolized by the runes. Each rune represents a specific value in life, a way of being. It is not an abstract thought or simple letter as many suppose. Each rune is a “verb” and not a “noun”.

Awareness of the mineral kingdom.

Awareness of the plant kingdom.

Awareness of the animal kingdom.

As magick once more begins to enter our new world with the blossoming of root chakra energy the otherworld, the etheric world once more becomes important to us. It is the immortal world that upholds and creates the physical world. But it remains just as real and vital, even more so. The portal meditations open us to this world and the others as well and allows for a free energy exchange between all the levels of life.

Time and Rhythm

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Our experience of life is centered around cycles within cycles within cycles. Even when we say there is no such thing as time, we still experience cycles. So within the present moment we experience the changing of the seasons, daylight and night, as well as youth and old age. Our bodies are sensitive to these rhythms and attempt to harmonize with them. Of particular importance is the observation of the solar and lunar cycles and their midpoints which in Druid and pagan tradition are the eight great festivals of the year and the quarters/ midpoints of the lunar cycle.

But I’m going to be talking about the daily cycle and the dynamic energy exchanges that take place within our multi-dimensional reality during each day. There are expansion points, contraction points and times when energies blend and merge between levels. Each level, the etheric, physical, lower emotional, upper emotional, concrete mental, abstract mental, concrete spiritual and abstract spiritual, is dynamic and depending upon our daily activity becomes charged or depleted during the day.

There is a self balancing mechanism in place when excess energy transforms and transfers itself from one level to a different level that is more in need of it. This occurs several times a day around the times of 3:00 AM/PM and 6:00 AM/PM. We may think of these times as the times of deepest dreaming and deepest involvement in living respectively.

This is why so many spiritual and magickal traditions include morning and evening prayers or meditations. They are conscious directed efforts to achieve this inner balance between ever changing multi-dimensional levels. The events and circumstances surrounding our lives varies from day to day and hour to hour. It varies from year to year and according to where we live. Many factors influence our lives each day and many of those factors are dependent upon forces outside of ourselves. Many of those factors are global, natural or collective in nature.

It is said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. The same thing applies to the magickal life and the spiritual life. Bluntly stated, if you are not observing a daily practice of some sort, your life will tend to get out of balance in one or more of the multi-dimensional levels. It is simply like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. This is routine maintenance to keep you in the best health/balance possible on all levels of your being.

I do some daily exercises for my spine and pelvis each morning as well as a morning portal meditation and an evening meditation and also a long walk weather permitting. These are important parts of my daily maintenance program. Anyone serious about their own spiritual/magickal path will develop their own daily maintenance program.

I am trying to strip this information down to its bare essence and offer it in a no BS way. It is the effort that we put out that determines the development and empowerment of our souls. It is the sustained continuous effort over time that brings results. There are no shortcuts, but there are many diversions and false trails! In the beginning the simplicity of the truth will act to repel us because we insist that things must be much more complex than they really are. We insist that our lives be complicated because otherwise it will be too boring! This is an illusion and an entrapment.

It is only when we are stable and balanced that we can actively and creatively live the type of lives that are deeply rewarding and challenging in all ways. It is only then that we can choose to live conscious lives instead of reactive lives.

The Secret

Fantasy, Illusion, Lie

Probably the greatest mystery or secret of any magickal or spiritual tradition is that it is told right away, simply, clearly and up front and the student minimizes it and forgets about it in the pursuit of what he or she thinks is more important and more interesting. But closer examination shows that this mystery or secret actually repels the student because they are not ready for it. They are not able to understand it. The student cannot believe that the truth is really so simple and they proceed to make things much more complex and convoluted than necessary. Only later after many years of study and practice do they get around to realizing how important that foundation really is and then they need to start once more, but this time with serious effort. This time they are attracted to it.

I will give a quote from the introduction to Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn:

“Regardie had a phenomenal ability in generating this kind of energy quickly and efficiently. However, once in 1982 he confided to me that if any person worked the middle pillar technique twice daily for a significant period of time, that the same result would eventually occur. If this daily work were combined with sustained relaxation and prolonged rhythmic deep breathing, one could, in effect, become one’s own Hierophant and trust that one’s personal Genius would guide one within the pure intent of sincere effort.”

Any valid tradition will strongly suggest some type of meditation or prayer as the true foundation of the work and that it should be done daily or even twice a day. They openly state that all future progress depends upon this foundational work. We try it a few times and then forget it as we move on to things that seem more interesting to us.

So the Golden Dawn has the middle pillar exercise. The Aurum Solis has the Calyx. Mantak Chia and the Healing Tau has the microcosmic orbit. The Rosicrucians, the Druids and many others have the meditation where you visualize energy at the feet, slowing moving up the body part by part to energize the body of light. Many religions have morning and evening prayers. And of course I have given the portal meditations.

The real secret to the development of the soul and its powers is daily practice, just like daily brushing your teeth. It needs to be integrated, to become a part of who you are. It needs to become effortless. And as you develop you become your own teacher, following your own individual path.

It takes many years of inner work to heal our wounds and become free of our chains. It is the knowledge and conviction that each day we get a little closer and a little more healthy that is important. Sometimes knowing that in spite of everything we took a little baby step forward today it is enough to keep us going. As we grow stronger and begin to trust the process it becomes easier and more sacred to us.

So as I begin to move on to other subjects of interest keep in mind that you have already been given the secret. It has been suggested how important the daily portal meditation is. And when you find that it repels you, understand what is actually happening. There is a part of us that resists change and it resists quite strongly! There is also a part of us that seeks to follow external authority rather than depend upon the internal authority of the Divine Spark that lives in our heart. Turn to the still small voice of conscience that speaks through the heart and your path will be secure no matter where it leads!

Gothic, Goth, Fantasy, Cosmos, Galaxy, Stars, Woman

I’m going to try to speak plainly about magickal work and energy work. I see so much fraud and cutesy head trippy crap that means nothing. It is make believe and that makes it safe for those that wish to play with it. Even the OTO, which takes magick very seriously, hides behind the words “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”. If these portal meditations don’t work for you go some place else! I am not here to play or mince words. I want simplicity and I want results and it needs to be safe and effective. Etheric energy or magickal energy is the dominant energy for the next 2,000 years and its time to begin working with it. I am not talking about working with mental energies or emotional energies or even physical energies except as fully integrated energies or full spectrum energies.

If you want to light candles or recite spells or perform rituals, that is not what I am about. Go some place else. I am talking about the pure thing, the stripped down version of magickal working and energy working. I am talking about the development of the integrated soul and full spectrum energies. It is the integration and unification of energies that is important and not their isolation as so many traditions teach. Those teachings were the old way. This is the new way!

I am talking about working with energy in very specific ways which will lead to very specific experiences. The portal meditations will bring powerful results, they have for many people on their own and in groups. They will for you if you do them properly. I am going to list some very specific things that these portal meditations do:

First they show you how to tap into very real power sources, Spiritual Light and the Womb of life. The greatest difficulty in magickal work is the lack of energy and the need for energy to fuel the energy bodies and the energy work itself. This is especially true when working with lower level energies like etheric energies. Tapping into these divine power sources means that you do not need to rely upon power from other sources or energy generated by the physical body. This in itself is powerful and puts the meditations in the category of High Magick.

Secondly, these meditations stimulate and activate each chakra center in a safe and powerful way that is balanced and natural. It also links each chakra center with all of the others creating a bridge that awareness can easily cross to allow for fluid transitions of awareness from one type of energy to another. It also allows the transformation of one type of chakra energy into another to assist in magickal workings when needed. This is very important as a necessary skill in advanced energy work. This is part of what is termed the ability to transmute poisons into medicines. I personally don’t know of a better and more effective way of doing this other than the portal meditations. There is nothing theoretical about this. It is all very experiential and easily demonstrated for yourself.

Thirdly, in the last few portal meditations we activate each chakra and reach out with that chakra energy to other members of the circle and share that chakra energy with them. This is a powerful exercise in actively working and manipulating each particular type of energy and also full spectrum portal energy. As we lift the various energies up into the light to release the toxins and negativity we are performing a type of shamanic healing that eliminates toxins and negativity from our aura and our physical bodies as well as the circle itself. This is very powerful energy work and gives personal experience of working with each type of energy and using it in a constructive way. By working in this way with each particular type of energy we become familiar with it and more attuned to it.

Fourthly, harmonizing all the chakra energies together shifts personal awareness into an altered state that is needed to work with the lower and more potent energies. It allows one to become accustomed to functioning in an altered state in full awareness which is a needed skill for a magickal practitioner. It links the higher intuitive self with the lower etheric and magickal self. This is master class working with magickal energies!

Fifth, my latest Advanced Druid Sacred Grove meditation actually shows how to use Gaia as a power object, filling it on a daily basis and tapping into it as the foundational power source in true Druid manner. It shows how we have a symbiotic relationship with Gaia in which we help her to eliminate her toxins and negativity and she in turn helps us as a true anchor and source of full spectrum portal energy.

Sixth, these meditations are group workings that you can do even when you are alone. We reach out to each other energetically and that in itself is powerful and a powerful way of linking.

Seventh, in linking and merging with other members of the order we in effect become soulmates of each other, or members of the same soul family. Sometimes it is important to know that we are not alone in this world and there are other brothers and sisters that we can reach out to energetically even if we are not in physical contact with each other. We can help each other and that is very important and very powerful.

Lastly, Gaia benefits, the mineral kingdom benefits, the plant kingdom benefits, the animal kingdom benefits and the human race benefits from our healing work of anchoring the Spiritual Light of Source into Gaia’s core. What we do in these meditations is win-win on the highest order and is sacred and blessed. This is experiential to the highest degree and not head candy. If you don’t get immediate results this training is not for you! This is hard work, but brings results. I am doing my best to be honest with everyone. We are in exciting and potentially fulfilling times. We can literally create the world we desire to live in and these meditations work to show us how. You can easily create your own meditations to explore those areas of special interest.

This meditation is quite advanced and might be difficult for those who have not done any other portal meditations. It works to anchor the etheric body and soul to the center of Gaia as a source of energy and strength. It also works to connect members of the Order to each other in a sacred grove. I may be able to simplify it in the future but it is quite powerful just as it is.

Storms in Africa

Continuing with another musical selection of music special to me for one reason or another. Music is the most ancient way and quickest way to touch the heart and the soul. There is a reason why it was so valued in Druidry. Even animals enjoy music!

Stag, Wildflower, Floral, Boho, Flower, Deer, Woodland

I thought I had better explain more about the so called elements, Earth, Water, Air & Fire in magickal practice and in energy work in general as it can be quite misleading. I already tried to make it quite clear that developing chakras and working with chakra energies is what is needed and what is natural and that it is even better to work with portal energies which integrate and enhance all chakra energies.

Earth, Water, Air & Fire are not types of energies, but the way any energy can manifest. Portal energy can manifest as Earth, Water, Air or Fire energy and so can the energy of any individual chakra. Perhaps it might be better to think of these elements in a different way. Earth as a solid, Water as a liquid, Air as a gas, and Fire as a plasma.

If you want to create a magickal barrier or protection you might want to work with the energy to create something solid, something that will block unwanted energies. This would be using the energy as an earth energy.

If you want to heal an illness or dissolve and mix or blend or even cleanse you might work with energy as a liquid that flows and envelops. This would be using the energy as water.

If you want to attract or repel something that requires the magickal cone of power you would be using the energy as Air with its rotating vortex and magnetic powers to attract and repel. North magnetic repels and South magnetic attracts.

If you want something to grow, or to illuminate or to pierce you would use the energy as Fire which penetrates, consumes and purifies. You can think of Fire as life bringing as the sunlight in spring or you can think of it as destructive like the lightning bolt of unleashed fury.

While these designations are appropriate, actual energy work tends to require a much more fluid approach. For example, in doing energy work as a healing you might first try to probe the illness which is using the energy as Fire; then you might try to banish the negative energy or absorb the energy into yourself as many shaman do and that is using the energy as Air; or you may try to heal the wound which would be using the energy as water. Again if you attempted to totally destroy the illness you would be using the energy as Fire once more.

In this example I’ve tried to show that quite often you may have to shift the way you are working with the energy many times within the magickal operation itself. You may find yourself using the energy one way and then if it doesn’t work or you need to move to another stage, you may need to use the energy in another way. So the designations of Earth, Water, Air & Fire are appropriate as to how the energies may manifest or how they may be used, but in no way indicate what kind of energy it is. It doesn’t indicate if it is Etheric, Physical, Lower Emotional, Upper Emotional, Concrete Mental, Abstract Mental, Concrete Spiritual, or Unity energy or even if it is full spectrum Portal energy.

The so called magickal weapons: the pantacle, cup, sword/dagger, and wand are merely used as focuses to assist the energy to take a particular form. But as mentioned this creates problems when you need to shift the energy to a different form during the same magickal operation.

Again, the best solution is to work with full spectrum Portal energy and have all the chakras fully integrated and working as one single energy which will obey the direction of personal will which includes the ability for it to change form easily and instantly to whatever form is needed. The Portal meditations encourage this and you can easily create your own portal meditation or working.

Magickal rituals involving the magickal weapons are carry overs from the times when other chakra energies were dominant and created or attempted to create shortcuts. In this new age the etheric energies of the root chakra are dominant and there are no shortcuts. The body itself is what is magickal. That means all magickal bodies need to be integrated into one singular and magickal soul.