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The astral resists change and will snap back to its original shape like a rubber band if it can. But if the astral connection is truly broken or changed it will snap into a new position and attempt to keep that position as well! That is why it takes so much energy to change the way things are. It takes much more energy to change the way things are than it does to simply maintain the way things are. This is one of the great secrets of working with astral energies.

To put this in context, successfully doing a portal meditation permanently changes the energy channels within your body and brings them into alignment. I’ve seen this happen to people over and over again. In the beginning there is a lot of healing and clearing of toxic and negative energies but soon a point is reached where the portal can be created without any clearing of toxins and negativity. A permanent change has taken place within the energy channels of your own energy bodies and within the circle itself.

The same holds true for the shifting of awareness into an energy center and energy body. Once you truly do it a permanent change takes place and it will attempt to maintain itself. In practical terms once this shift has taken place a person can move on to the next phase or stage of soul development. You don’t have to keep doing portal meditations for the rest of your life, although it would not hurt. A big reason I have kept doing them for so long is to help others by being a part of the circle with them and sharing my own energy with them.

I am having great success with the awareness shifting meditation and will soon just begin the meditation by creating the complete soul body from the star chakra energies where the feet touch the ground. That is the next phase. But my energy connections to SOURCE and the WOMB of LIFE are solidly established and permanent. I don’t need to recreate them each and every meditation any more. The same is true with the opening of each energy center and the shifting of awareness into each individual energy body. Once it becomes easy it also becomes permanent and it is time to move on.

I do tend to be almost overly cautious and conservative and keep repeating things perhaps more than I should or more than I would need to. But I want to be absolutely certain that the changes have become permanent. I don’t want to risk losing that connection to SOURCE or the WOMB of LIFE after working so hard to establish them. But there is a point where they become permanent and can be trusted to be there.

So where we are now at is the permanent creation of each energy body and the ability to shift awareness into each individual energy body at will. As you do this you will discover that it is like changing a radio station and if you are focused in your emotional energies for example, you have no awareness of any of the others! There is not any bleed through from one type of energy to another.

That is where the complete soul body comes in. The complete soul body is the final integration of all the energy bodies working together as one unit. When this integration and harmonization takes place and becomes permanent the complete soul body can begin to integrate and harmonize with the physical body by gently altering the DNA while using both the unlimited energies of SOURCE and the WOMB of LIFE. We are beginning to work on this process right now with the awareness shifting meditations, but those meditations can become much simpler and shorter by simply beginning with the star chakra and the complete soul body. That is the next stage and what the next meditation is about.

I just wanted people to know that this is serious work that we are involved with and we are achieving real results that are permanent and effective! The integration and harmonization of the complete soul body with the physical body is the completion of the Lessor Work and only then does the Great Work of creating a new world for ourselves become possible.

I also believe that these techniques were known by the ancient druids and taught by them. That is why I am sharing them here in this blog.

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I didn’t know whether to post this in this blog or my other blog and finally decided to post it in both OAK: Inner Circle and Anarchistbanjo’s World. I really think it is important enough to share in both places. You see, I posted the original full chakra meditation in Anarchistbanjo’s World and posted the modified longer version of shifting the awareness point in OAK: Inner Circle. While I have only been working with these meditations for a couple weeks some things have become absolutely clear to me and I want to share them.

But first I would like to talk about the kind of information you might find on other blogs around the internet and how my two blogs compare.

First you have all those New Age Gaia ascension blogs that give channeled information that is primarily focused upon the ascension of humanity and our space brothers and sisters with little or no attention given to Gaia herself or the other life forms, the plants, animals and all species that are also ascending with Gaia. No life form is being left behind! How many blogs have that message? How many blogs focus on that message? How many mention full spectrum ascension? Very few, and I can’t personally think of any although I admit they might exist.

Secondly, the development of the soul and it’s empowerment. Metaphysical, spiritual and occult studies mention such things as astral projection, chakra meditations and self healing. How many of those are experiential? How many cut through the BS to get to the heart of things? How many are simply misleading? How many talk about the importance of working with group energy? How many talk about tantra and working with kundalini energy? Sure, there are some. But most of the ones that I know about talk of the dangers of progressing too fast. They only give basic information without actually sharing how to achieve the desired results. For example, they only talk about astral projection with one astral body. They only talk about how important it is to open energy channels within the body and release the trapped emotions and toxins. Simply consider those that talk about the use of drumming, chanting, dancing or any other technique of generating energy instead of tapping directly into SOURCE or THE WOMB OF CREATION.

The Portal meditations involve advanced concepts in directly experiencing for yourself working with group energy, tapping into SOURCE and the WOMB of CREATION as ultimate power sources. They also offer fast, safe and effective ways of activating each individual chakra center and integrating and harmonizing it with all of the other energy centers. They offer ways of personally working with the different types of energy and getting used to them. I’ve shared these energies with others and they are extremely effective and safe! They work!

The full chakra awareness shifting meditations are at a totally higher level of personal experience and development and why I am writing this post. These are so advanced that what they actually achieve is mind blowing! For one thing they literally prove that you can shift your sense of self and awareness from one energy body to another and they do this through personal experience. In doing these meditations you can prove to yourself beyond any doubt that you do have each one of these energy bodies and can center your awareness into them at will. Forget those blogs that talk about creating your body of light. These meditations allow you to personally experience all energy bodies:

Abstract Spiritual- Hydrogen- Crown Chakra-Unity

Concrete Spiritual-Helium- middle of brain chakra-former reptile brain/archetypal duality

Abstract Mental-Neon- Third Eye chakra- creative/philosophical

Concrete Mental-Argon- Throat Chakra- egoic awareness/ sense of self

Upper Emotional-Krypton- Heart chakra- love, music, the fine arts

Lower Emotional-Xenon- Solar Plexus- will/determination/anger/sadness/empathy

Physical-Radon- Sacral chakra- our physical bodies and sexuality/ the survival instinct/gender perspective

Etheric-Oganesson- Root chakra- vital life force/ magick/ paranormal experiences/the Summerland

Where our feet touch the ground-Star chakra- the complete soul body

The awareness shifting meditation proves to me and to anyone who does it that awareness and full consciousness exists at any one of the above locations and exists within its own defined energetic body! This is something that can be demonstrated through personal experience! Can you think of any other blog or information source that offers this? This is not theory or channeling, but the ability to experience for yourself and prove not only the existence of each energy body, but the complete integration of them all into the complete soul body at the star chakra.

But here is the next part. These meditations have shown me that in addition to these energy bodies there also still exists what we think of as our physical body which is created out of living matter, complex molecules and DNA.

Each energy body has a physical basis in that it is created out of a noble gas and contains within it the other elements of it’s electron ring. But those other elements only exist in potential. It is the living organic physical body that exists on a higher more complex octave and the complexity of its existence makes it mortal and subject to the cycle of birth/death/rebirth.

Full spectrum ascension is the integration of all these energy bodies with this organic and more complex physical body. It is the mutation of the DNA to become more in harmony with the original blueprints contained within each energy body that is now creating the new human. This is why I have been so focused upon shifting into each energy body and while in that energy body focusing on the healing of my physical body! Each such healing is causing modifications to the physical DNA which in turn creates the mortal physical body which my complete soul now occupies.

So what happens to my immortal complete soul body when I drop this mortal coil? For the first time this answer seems self-evident. I will be drawn to another brand new organic physical form and it may or may not be human depending upon what type of organic physical life forms are available! That is why organic physical life is so sacred! That is why Gaia’s organic ascension is so vital and important. Gaia’s ascension with all life forms has never been achieved before! Together we are doing something that has never been done and it will change everything!

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Time for another song that I love. I hope you all enjoy these little sideways glimpses into my own life and the things that interest me. Many of the songs I love are rather obscure or unknown and that makes them even more special!

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Advanced Awareness Shifting Meditation

This is an advanced point of awareness consciousness shifting meditation that gradually focuses the point of awareness within each energy center one after another and concludes with the point of awareness safely centered in the completed full spectrum soul body. The first full chakra meditation seemed too rushed and while this one is longer, it is also more complete in allowing the shift of awareness to become more complete.
The ability to shift the point of awareness successfully is important before trying to do even more advanced techniques such as merging awareness with plants or animals or shape shifting.

This is a long meditation of around 40 minutes so make sure you have enough time to complete it.

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I’ve been practicing with a full chakra activation meditation where I shift my point of awareness from one chakra or energy center to another, but this shift is not just thinking about that energy center. It is actually sensing and perceiving the entire world from that center. Sensing my body and environment from the higher centers, from the emotions, from the lower centers. There is a shift and my awareness is not where it was before. It is centered in a totally different energy and aware from an entirely different perspective.

What I’m actually doing is projecting my awareness into one of my energy bodies and experiencing full awareness from that body even though I am not using it to project. I could use it to project, but I don’t in that meditation.

The results have been so powerful and interesting that I am going to produce several other similar meditations that focus on the ability to shift our awareness from one state to another. I think that this is a very important part of what Druidry originally was like. Just hear me out as I try to explain.

In addition to deliberately shifting the point of awareness into any one of the desired energy centers, one can also project their awareness into a tree, an animal, a bird, or even learn how to shape shift these energy bodies. The common factor with all of these abilities is the ability to shift the point of awareness in different ways so that we can perceive the world in different ways.

I believe that the druids were very adept at this and that it was an important part of their practice. So I am going to produce a more polished full chakra meditation that is not so rushed and then I will produce some meditations where we can merge with trees, birds and other animals to share in their worlds. These will each specifically focus on one type of life form so that it can be a more focused experience.

I will also produce a couple meditations that focus on the earth star chakra, the point where our feet touch the ground, how to work with those energies and perhaps try some shape shifting at that level just to explore these things. All of these meditations presume basic familiarity with the portal meditations which work to open and activate the various chakra centers.

Right now I am only planning to share these meditations in this blog as they seem to relate to druidry and shamanism. This post is to inform everyone about these new meditations and how the shifting of awareness actually works. If I included this information in the meditations they would become too long and it would detract from the meditation itself as one listened to it more than once.

The shifting of the awareness point is difficult at first, but once you have done it you intuitively understand the process and that makes it easier to do in other situations. That is why learning this process is so important.

Let me give an example of doing it wrong. You visualize your Solar Plexus center opening and becoming radiant. You sense it stabilize and become powerful. But you are still in your head! Your entire visualization is a mental thing. The Solar Plexus deals with the emotions and you need to be in your emotions. You have to shift away from your head energies and into your emotional energies. You need to experience your entire awareness from the perspective of your emotional center located at the Solar Plexus.

In the portal meditations we activate each energy center and reach out with that energy to touch other members of the circle and help them form their own balls of energy at those centers. But we are still doing it wrong because we can send out that emotional energy from our Solar Plexus and still be in our heads! We need to learn how to shift easily into our emotional centers and work from there!

What I’m trying to explain is that the portal meditations help us prepare for this work, but this shifting of the point of awareness from one center to another is something totally different than what we are accustomed to and quite difficult in the beginning. But it does get easier with practice, much easier and when we gain this ability entirely new worlds begin to open up to us! This is advanced work for those interested and able to do it. Others should remain with the portal meditations which work to develop the energy centers in a balanced way.

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The tides go in and the tides go out. It doesn’t matter if you live by water or not, our bodies are 90% water and we feel those tides. We feel all the cycles of nature and druidry is to live in harmony with those cycles. There are solar cycles, lunar cycles, daily cycles and all kinds of cycles, too numerous to cite.

Right now as we near the new moon what I am feeling is a combination of the solar cycle of spring energies wrapping me in a cocoon and the lunar cycle is squeezing me unmercifully! Perhaps it would be better to say that I feel trapped in my own skin! Something needs to give and it can’t be soon enough for me…

I guess I’m feeling the pressure that causes a seed to break open and begin sprouting. I can’t say that it is pleasant or that I am enjoying it. In fact, I’m blindly reaching out struggling to find some relief from the tension of motionlessness that has become near unbearable. What is it that I’m supposed to be doing? That’s what this post really is in fact, my trying to do something to get a little relief.

Even though there is only the present moment and will always only be the present moment, that is a bit misdirecting. Some times are better than others for certain activities and when we try to force things at the wrong time it is like trying to push a chain down the road. Nothing cooperates! Everything is much more difficult than it needs to be.

When we say there is no such thing as time and that there is only the present moment there is a paradox at work that we need to come to terms with. I will try to give an example from my own life.

My beloved dog Luci died last spring and this past year has been very lonely, especially because I’ve recently retired and with the lock downs it has been almost like solitary confinement. I lack simple companionship, human or animal. There is a great emptiness in my life. But no matter how many times I have tried to find a new pet (its been five times now) it never seems to work out. In the beginning this has baffled me. How can my present moment change to include a new companion?

The answer of course is that my new companion is out there, but it hasn’t happened yet. Nothing is happening in my present moment because it has already happened in the future and I don’t want to mess that future up by doing anything stupid right now! Things will unfold as they need to and they will unfold in a way that is blessed. I can sense that because I can sense the future and it is good. I was led to find Luci the first time and I will be led to find what I am supposed to discover next! That is the paradox that living in the present moment brings to us. The present moment is always changing into another present moment and since there is no such thing as time we can sense and enjoy all of them on some level even though what we sense might be limited.

Sometimes I think that life is like a printing queue that is backed up for up to an entire year. It’s in the queue, it will be printed out, but other things are first in line and I just need to wait. The good side to that is that it will eventually get printed out and in the meantime those other things that I have been waiting for are finally being printed out and I can enjoy them! Even if I seem to have moved on to other things.

For example, I’ve never had enough free time to do some of the things that I’ve wanted to do and now I have all kinds of free time. That free time has been in the printing queue for a long time and I’ve looked forward to it for a long time. Now its here and I’m struggling with it!

I think the lesson is to enjoy what is currently in my life and make the most of it that I can and be open to what comes next as it happens, trusting that I will know when it becomes available!

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I thought I would share some first thoughts on my deep dive into Druidry so far. I’ve mentioned that I joined the Order of Druids, Ovates & Bards and am currently enjoying their study material. But that is by no means what I feel is important in this quest. I am interested in a new form of Druidry that represents full spectrum living with the full development of the soul and all of its powers. To do this I must embrace the spirit of Druidry as it feels right to me and not what some academic authority deems is the favorite theory or flavor of the day. The etheric energy of the root chakra is the dominant energy for the next 2000 years and it is time to begin working with this magickal energy.

I’ve got a long background in Western Mystery Traditions and have fully completed both the mystic and magick paths. In addition I have a very deep and experiential understanding of tantra and how love relationships develop the soul and its powers. So I’m looking at all the available evidence from my own understanding and experience most of all. Having said that, here are some sources that I am currently reading:

The Mabinogion

Shamanism by Mircea Eliade

The Legend of Sigurd & Gudun by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Soul Machine by George Makari

Satanism and Witchcraft by Jules Michelet

The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins

The Lost Gods of England by Brian Branston

The Druids Celtic Priests of Nature by Jean Markale

Glastonbury Avalon of the Heart by Dion Fortune

Through The Gates of Death by Dion Fortune

The Epics of Celtic Ireland by Jean Markale

Irish Fairy and Folk Tales by William Butler Yeats

So these are books that I am currently reading and not those that I have already read over the years. And while it is an ongoing project I have some take-aways that I can share so far.

Nobody really knows what the Druids really believed or practiced because they refused to ever write any of it down. We have three main sources to draw from, the written and biased accounts of the Romans who attempted to conquer Gaul and Britain; Christianized versions of old stories written by monks; and old stories and artifacts that have been discovered over the years.

The Druids existed before the Celts invaded England and Ireland and before the stone monoliths of Stonehenge and other areas were erected around 4000 BC so that is a good place to begin the story. Recent scientific discoveries of the first peoples in Ireland show that they were from the Ukraine area. Noted expert Mircea Eliade tells us that shamanism was pre-eminently a religious phenomenon of Siberia and Central Asia which includes the Caucasus mountains and the Balkans. So we can expect that the Druids were shamanic practitioners. The hill people or mountain people of the Balkans were noted for a deep earth connection as well as a deep spirituality. It is likely they were associated with the Bogomils and later the Cathars with their gnostic beliefs. This included having both men and women holding equal status in the clergy or as Druids. The place of women in society is an important factor because it was very different from the patriarchy of Christianity. The Bogomils were wiped out by Muslims. The Cathars were wiped out by the Catholic Church.

Shamanism is a natural because life was hard and survival required a deep link and connection to the earth and knowledge of all living things. This required the full development of the etheric energies and the root chakra energies. In fact, all three of the lower chakras and energies would have been represented and highly developed, the etheric, the physical and lower emotional energies. We can represent these as the etheric, the tantric/physical, and the Nordic/ healer teachings and expect to find them within Druidry in prominent places.

I’m just saying that the entire Grail mythology is traditionally tied in with the Druids and the tale of King Arthur and Merlin. This is associated with tantra and the role of love relationships/ non sexual love relationships/ courtly love/ and cyclical love relationships in the development of the soul and its powers. The ancient stories show some interesting things about how women/ the holy grail/cauldron were treated and might even imply serial monogamy. Some of these could be interpreted by me as suggesting soulmate cycles in which the men and women were involved because in some stories marriage relationships are broken after a year’s time. In some cases a wife was lost and then after a period of years was regained. These have to have deeper, more symbolic meanings and the average life span was not that long! The cycle of a year is definitely the recognition of a cycle with a beginning and a definite ending. Over and over these seem to involve men and women and it is not all about having children as one might expect. It seems to be about wealth, prosperity and things more grail associated even if it is not spoken aloud.

The last thing I’m going to suggest is perhaps the most surprising. From my studies so far I believe that the Druids believed in living life to the fullest, experiencing both the highs and the lows, and they also believed the other world as accessible and a parallel reality to the physical world. It seems they believed in reincarnation as well. The stories tell of important people that were fated in life to experience certain things and they also tell of how these people struggled against that very fate in heroic and sometimes stupid ways. These people were larger than life and I suspect that is the hidden key to everything! The classic stereotype of the Irish who loves to dance, sing, drink and fight and get involved in politics seems to be perhaps an archetype! This includes the passionate highs and lows!

“To be or not to be is the question,” as Shakespeare put it.

Everything so far indicates to me that the Druids and their society, later Celtic society, was about living life fully, completely and in a big way! Druid society was not about worshiping gods and goddesses, but living like or as gods and goddesses. Obviously they didn’t put it in those terms because they didn’t think of it that way. They worked hard, played hard, partied hard and died with honor knowing they would be reborn into another life. They didn’t need gods or goddesses! They celebrated the stories of their own heroes and heroines. Those names that we think of as gods and goddesses were most likely historic personages to be emulated and celebrated, not worshiped.

Julian Jaynes has further insight in his masterful work, “The Evolution of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”. He claims that what we understand as “self awareness” or consciousness didn’t arise within the ordinary person until approximately 4000 years ago with the invention of reading and writing. While the “leaders and rulers of a given society may have had more of a sense of self, or an ego than others, that was not the case for the normal person who much more resembled an intelligent pet who could react with their environment and obey complex instructions. The ordinary person was amazed and enchanted by the cleverness of these druids and held them in high respect.

Given this information it is fascinating that the Irish and the druids maintained an almost completely literate society. They were almost 100% literate! This meant that by far they had a much more developed sense of self awareness and awareness of their environment than their contemporaries and this would place them in positions of leadership and influence as well as target them for persecution. We know that historically both the Jews and the Irish achieved almost total literacy within their societies and they were also the most persecuted peoples within history just for that reason!

Richard Dawkins in his book speaks of selective breeding of animals for certain traits and it certainly was used for humans as well. Satanism and Witchcraft tells how the Catholic Church through the inquisition selectively worked to annihilate any genetic ability to work with magick or that instinctive deep connection with the earth and with all living things. The question needs to be raised. What would our society be like today if all those accused of witchcraft, tortured and executed had been allowed to live and have children? What if the Bogomils had not been wiped out? What if the Cathars had not been wiped out? How many descendants still remain?

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As promised some more of my favorites! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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This beautiful meditation helps us to connect with the plant kingdom and the newly released life bringing energies of spring in a powerful and moving way.

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I’m going to speak plainly about magickal protection based upon my personal experiences of successfully coping and dealing with hundreds of magickal conflicts over the years. It seems that when a person begins to work with magickal energies to any serious degree it messes with the workings of other magick workers and they will visit to shut you down if they can. If they can’t some kind of agreement or arrangement needs to be reached, which simply means one of you needs to be put in their place so they are not messing with the other. This has nothing to do with malevolent actions or ill intent. It simply means that your own efforts are seriously messing up the astral planes for others and some balance and resolution is required.

There are seven types of astral bodies and seven types of magickal energies associated with each and with each of the seven chakras. These are based upon the seven possible electrons rings within an atom. Each electron ring and its full complement of electrons represents one type of energy, one astral body, one astral world, and one type of awareness. They are from the bottom up:

The etheric

The physical

The lower emotional

The upper emotional

The concrete mental

The abstract mental

The concrete spiritual

Everything else is above the Great Abyss and not to be dealt with except to state that in working with magick having enough energy is of utmost importance. And the lower the magickal workings, the more energy is required. The absolute best source of unlimited magickal energy is tapping into Source as Spiritual Light and Photon energy. This is why the portal meditations are so important. They develop our energy channels to Source and allow us to channel much more energy than we would be able to in any other way! Any tradition working with high magick has a ball of energy about two inches above the head which taps into Source energies. Other low magick traditions get their energy from elsewhere, often other living things or physical exertion.

In my walking of the magickal path for the past twenty years I have experienced hundreds of magickal attacks, especially in the early years, and never once lost a conflict! The only reason I can say that is because I tap into Source and allow Source energy to come to my defense. Such magickal conflict has now become exceedingly rare and only happens once or twice a year. And even these conflicts are not serious challenges.

What I am about to share is so simple, some may disregard it. But I assure you that I am speaking from my heart. I recently joined the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids as I’ve mentioned in previous posts. One of their practices involved simply walking around a circle and stopping in each direction. At each station one would stretch out their hand and simply say, “May there be peace in the North”, or whatever direction was appropriate. Then you would radiate energy out into that direction.

I found that when doing this simple practice I automatically “scanned” each type of energy within my own aura beginning with where my feet touched the ground, then root chakra energy, sacral chakra energy, Solar Plexus chakra energy, Heart chakra energy, Throat chakra energy, Third eye energy and Crown Chakra energy.

I could tell instantly if there was any negative energy or invasive energy within my own aura and if there was, I could raise it up to Source and get rid of it, or cast it down into the earth as an alternative.

Your personal aura is the strongest and most powerful magickal protection that you can ever have and nothing more is needed or will ever be needed. Noted occultist Dion Fortune also mentions this in some of her teachings. The portal meditations develop the personal aura and integrate the levels in a very powerful way. The only reason to ever cast a physical circle is to include the physical body in the magickal working at a greater level of intensity. This integrates the physical body and involves it more deeply in the working.

Similar things can be said about group workings. The aura of the linked members of a group is the actual circle that is created. It never needs to be cast physically. However, some physical involvement does help to more fully integrate the physical body with the magickal working.

In summary it is the development of the aura itself that is of utmost importance. This is done by the development and integration of each chakra center and those particular energies. That is why daily working with portal meditations is so important and powerful. Some type of daily practice is the mark of a true professional! Anyone that is magickally powerful will have a daily practice which they perform.

The concepts of elemental energies, planetary energies, working with magickal entities, casting magick circles and rituals of any type are largely distorted and lead a person away from what is truly important. They act to confuse what is truly very simple! The development and strengthening of the aura!

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