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In the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle the final entry of 473 AD mentions Hengist as having taken “immense booty” and the Britons as having “fled from them like fire”. To me this once in a lifetime “Immense booty” or treasure must have been the sacred treasures of the great Druid Temple at Stonehenge.

Suddenly it seemed there were no more Druids to be found in Britain, only Ovates and Bards. During this same time period St. Patrick in Ireland burned over 300 sacred manuscripts of the Druids. This was effectively the death blow of the Druid religion.

As it says in the Gododin “Morien [a title of the God and thus his priest Eidol, is a Welsh word meaning born of the sea] defended the blessed sanctuary- the basis, and chief place of distribution of the source of energy, of the most powerful, and the most ancient. – She is transpierced!”

The magickal power of the Druids was broken! The Saxons and Christianity were both the victors even though the Saxons were not Christians.

The remaining Britons were outraged and regrouped electing new leaders. A new High King of Britain was elected named Ambrosius. The author Edward Davies suggests that Ambrosius and Eidol, the Earl of Gloucester were one and the same and the he was the true King Arthur of legend, but I doubt it.

Call me a skeptic, but if Eidol was really descended from the Sarmatian Roman mercenaries as I believe, he would be considered a foreigner or of foreign lineage and not accepted by the other clan chiefs as their supreme leader. History says that Eidol fought alongside Ambrosius taking Hengis prisoner and then beheading him. A few years later he too was poisoned.

In the tradition of the Celts and Druids to make fantastical stories, I believe they made Eidol the immortal King Arthur, the knights of the round table were those champions wearing purple robes that were unarmed and slaughtered at the feast of the long knives during the sacred Beltaine celebration at the great circular temple or round table of Stonehenge! Part of the missing temple treasure was the Holy Grail, the most sacred object of the Druid religion. They believed that King Arthur would one day return and that the Holy Grail would be found.

This is the beginning of the mysteries of the Holy Grail!

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What I’ve learned so far! My latest adventures with the OBOD and Aurum Solis have had some interesting side effects that have also helped clarify and crystalize things on my own personal path. So what I would like to share is that the most important things a person can do to advance their own personal journey are these things:

Any portal meditation works to connect you to the two ultimate power sources, the Spiritual Light and The Cosmic Womb of Creation. When you connect to these two powers you can begin to channel energy instead of generating it with your physical body! As you open up more energy channels and eliminate toxins and repressed energies this tends to feed upon itself and allow you to make even more progress! The tapping into these two cosmic power sources has traditionally been called high magick because it is far more powerful than being limited to the energies produced by the physical body itself.

The portal meditations are conducted as if you are part of a group and other members are there with you as you assist them and they assist you in the opening and blending of each chakra energy! This collective working of the portal meditations allows each member to be in effect soulmates to the other members of the circle. This means you don’t need to wait to find that special person whose energy harmonizes with your own. The energy of each member of the circle harmonizes with the energies of every other member. Group work becomes much more powerful and effective than solo practice in the tapping in to the two cosmic power sources and the awakening of each individual chakra.

Each individual chakra needs to be fully activated and each individual astral body needs to be permanently activated as quickly as possible. Again, the group portal meditations work to do this in a collective manner and may also lead to the permanent activation of each individual energy body. These things are the first phase that needs to be completed before moving to the second phase.

The second phase is the one that I am working on right now. I am working daily with the full chakra activation meditation which allows me to shift my awareness from one energy body to another and smooth out any wrinkles or vulnerable spots. The final goal is to totally merge all seven energy bodies into one completely integrated soul body! This work consists of healing individual levels and balancing them, sending energy out for any magickal purpose and whatever you choose to do or explore.

Working from this integrated soul body is like being surrounded by a magickal mist in which you can find or create or heal anything that you focus your attention on! The ultimate goal is to have your awareness permanently exist at this level. That means smoothing out all the wrinkles in the various levels and making the energetic contacts between the two cosmic power sources as clean and pure as possible!

So in summary I would suggest any beginner to start with a portal meditation until they are very comfortable with it. Then attempt the advanced chakra activation meditation. These two meditations are all a person requires to completely integrate and empower their soul body. All the rest is perhaps nice to know, but not needed.

I intend to be working with the advanced chakra activation meditation for a long time because it is so powerful. Right now I need to do it just after I wake up in the morning before I eat anything. Otherwise I tend to blank out or slip away to something else and loose my focus on the meditation. So this is definitely a difficult meditation to perform correctly.

In a way these two meditations summarize my entire life’s work! This is probably the ultimate simplification of the completion of the magickal and mystical paths! I don’t think they can be simplified down any more than this!

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Time for another song that I love. I hope you all enjoy these little sideways glimpses into my own life and the things that interest me. Many of the songs I love are rather obscure or unknown and that makes them even more special!

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