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I’m going to use this group as a place to put my notes while I’m researching Druids. I am sure someone might find them interesting! I’m currently reading “Galic Antiquities consisting of a History of the Druids particularly those of Caledonia” by John Smith published in 1780. This was a book written for the Galic Society in London.

First he says that the early Druids were sun worshipers with no deities and laughed at the idea that the Supreme Being could be found in a building.

Second point of interest is that the Druids were extremely serious about their religion compared to the Romans and Greeks who made fun of their own in literature and plays. No one made fun of the Druid religion!

Third, in November everyone put out their fires and were given sacred fire to light and take home. Anyone that was not legally in the right was not given fire and could not heat their homes. It was a great crime to give them fire unlawfully.

Fourth, they seemed unafraid of dying [the Celts in general] compared to those they fought against. Their belief in the afterlife was so strong.

Fifth, their two great Holy Days were Beltaine and Samhain which was when the veil between worlds is the thinnest.

Sixth, they celebrated the full moons and six days after the full moon which is when the activity in the astral planes moves from the Magickal planes into the Spiritual planes.

I’ve just started reading this book and will post more as I have things to share. I choose to go to source material because there might be something in these ancient texts that means something to me that might have been missed by others.

I’m currently reading “Galic Antiquities consisting of a History of the Druids particularly those of Caledonia” by John Smith published in 1780. This was a book written for the Galic Society in London. This book is a gold mine! The author not only draws from past written works but a study of the Scottish customs and a study of the gaelic language.  I will probably be posting a lot of notes. I just finished chapter 3 and have a little to say yet on chapter 2.

Regarding sacrifices they seem to have been of the nature of flour, milk, eggs and some herbs such as selago and verbena. Stating that the language itself doesn’t have terms that support the idea of other types of sacrifice.

Most ceremonies were probably performed by going three times around the circle, cairn or altar at which they were performed.

They had solid reputations as prophets and had the gift of second sight.

Chapter 3 moves on to the Druids as law givers, magistrates and judges. Every cause of importance came before them and there was no appeal. If someone did not agree with their judgement they were shunned and outcast from society. Any sentence of the Druids was to follow a  person in death as well and the afterlife. 

They held that hospitality was sacred-to all strangers every house was open, and every table free. At the departure the host was to ask what they had need of and how they could serve him. Any failure in the law of hospitality brought shame upon the person by his neighbors and harsh legal punishment. They punished the murder of a stranger with death and the murder of one of their own more lightly, as with banishment or a heavy fine. They were forbidden to ask the name of the guest or the country from which they came until the time of departure.

Enemies were always invited to a feast before open hostilities. This was to see if there was any chance at avoiding a conflict. They never fought until their first offers of peace were refused. They never engaged an enemy with a superiority of numbers. So they fought to the death neither giving  nor receiving quarter. 

Their code of life was apparently very simple: reverence the sole deity; abstain from all evil; behave valiantly.

Their judgements were considered judgement from heaven and taken as such. Extremely difficult cases ended up with the accused having his feet anointed with some type of oil and then being made to walk in a bed of hot coals. If he was injured he was guilty.

At this point I am reminded of a NLP trainer who told me about his graduation from training where the entire group walked barefoot through a bed of glowing coals. Out of about twenty people only one failed the test and ended up in the emergency room at the hospital.

Criminals sentenced to death were executed by Druids at special occasions and with religious ceremony giving the appearance of human sacrifice. The method of execution was burning. So there is no mention of a knife, an altar or of blood. Instead they are cast alive into the fire.

Most of the time this took place upon cairns of stone. Cairns of stone were raised to honor great heroes as well. So there appear to be two distinct kinds of cairns, one of outlaws and one of memorials. Putting a stone on a cairn was a way of immortalizing and validating what it stood for.

At the death of a person a tribunal was formed that passed judgement upon the deceased and determined what type of funeral rites they were to have. They also determined where the soul was going to go after death. This had a very powerful effect upon those close to the deceased. Those who were judged extra favorably were added to the songs to be sung by the bards.

Favorable judgements were the cause of celebrations and possibly the root of the wake.

In the poems of Ossian we find heroes eager to obtain their funeral song even though the tribunal had long since passed away and their ghosts haunted the places where they died. 

The souls of the victorious dead were said to be accompanied by some sign from nature as they made their way to paradise.

Lastly, it was said that the world will either end by fire or in a deluge.

I’m currently reading “Galic Antiquities consisting of a History of the Druids particularly those of Caledonia” by John Smith published in 1780. This was a book written for the Galic Society in London. 

Notes on chapter 4

This chapter is on philosophy. None but those of genius were admitted, they had to study hard and it took twenty years.

I find this interesting because I spent twenty-two years studying the weekly monographs of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC. AMORC is a mystical and philosophical organization. But in that twenty two years it is expected that one will achieve Cosmic Consciousness or The Crossing of the Great Abyss. It took me about fourteen years but I prayed, studied and meditated every day. Not necessarily Rosicrucian as I was often side tracked into other areas of study. Perhaps this length of time was not to study the material but to ensure Cosmic Consciousness and the merger with Source happened?

Yearly they had a big get together where all members could be updated on important matters. 

Early commerce with the Phoenicians provided opportunities of outside learning. Like the Phoenicians and the Egyptians the symbol of an egg coming out of the mouth of a serpent was important.

They studied astronomy and the course of the stars; used molten glass as telescopes to see the moon better. So they knew the manufacture of glass and even some dwellings in the highlands were vitrified ruins. It might be possible that they discovered the making of glass and not the Phoenicians. This because there is a gaelic word for glass which indicates it is native to the language.

They used astronomical knowledge in the building of their places of worship, those that were built of stone. 

It is certain that they were skilled with letters, reading and writing, even though they did not put their religion in writing. Indeed, their very law against putting their religion in writing is proof that writing was in use among them.

This alphabet consists exactly of the sixteen letters which Cadmus brought from Phoenicia around 1400 BC with only the addition of the letter F. The author suggests that the Druid letters came from the same source as the Cadmus letters but not from them directly.

The Druids of Britain probably learned the Greek language before the time of Caesar because of trade. The philosopher Abaris seems to have been a British or Hebridian Druid. Abaris was a student of Pythagoras.

They had rocking stones, spherical stones of great size that were so delicately balanced that a little push would make them go one way or the other. These were used to amaze the people as proof of magick. At a touch of the Druid they would shift a bit and vibrate. Later they could be reset. They were called judgement stones.

The author suggests they may have made early use of gunpowder because they were known for their ability to produce artificial thunder and lightning. They made use of this to make people fear their magick.

Most of the Celtic tribes held the study of letters in contempt because they believed that it weakened the warrior. The Druids encouraged this because they sought to keep the masses uneducated and dependent upon them.

I’m currently reading “Galic Antiquities consisting of a History of the Druids particularly those of Caledonia” by John Smith published in 1780. This was a book written for the Galic Society in London. 

Notes on chapter 5. This is the final chapter leaving only  poems and such that I will need to work through as time allows. I hope that some of the information I have shared has been found interesting.

This last portion is about the medical profession as the druids were healers as well. As well as knowledge of the common herbs, mistletoe was held in great regard as a cure-all. The author suggests that this might have to do with bringing religion into the healing process as mistletoe was a sacred herb. This would imply that the healing had God’s blessing. A strong faith would assist the cure.

They often prescribed bathing in certain springs or waters that might be some distance away, making the sick person get up and be active in walking to the cure spot which they were required to visit three different times. It seems that the number 3 is quite important to the Druids.

But they also seemed intent upon prevention even more than the cure as this little bit of wisdom suggests:

The chief recipe for health, cheerfulness, temperance, and exercise or early rising.

In summary it appears the Druids took great effort to have a monopoly on everything of authority and be active in both civil and religious power. Some of which was done through suggestion and keeping the general population ignorant. 

It also seems that their downfall lay in the interactions with other cultures who brought competing beliefs and values. But it should not be forgotten that the Druids created a solid social system that lasted several thousand years and that they acquired their  power through real merit and maintained it. Even the Roman empire could not destroy it.

Just a few notes as I begin two mammoth books, “The Barddas” by Iolo Morganwg; and “The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids” by Edward Davies. These two books are both over 600 pages each and it will take some time to sort through them.

But I’m given to understand that most of what we can know about the Druids comes to us from the triads, short verses about particular subjects. Of interest is that Kevin Trudeau’s Mega Memory seminar speaks of how one can improve memory by deliberately making three different associations to the same bit of information! So it seems the triads are using a memory technique that was known to the druids!

Next comes some impressions that I get as a student of the western mystery traditions. In general there are two sources of cosmic power which can be tapped into, the Spiritual Light as Source and Gaia or The Cosmic Womb. We see these as the mystic path and the magickal path. There are only a few mystery school traditions that cover both and they are all magickal, with a focus on channeling and ceremonial magick. The Rosicrucians for example are a mystical path and not a magickal path.

The Druids are definitely not simply shamanic because they are way too philosophical for that! They work with both the higher and lower levels.

Also they seem to have a distinct and definite access to the underworld, Summerland or etheric planes that is not theoretical but functional. This is worth considering in my opinion.

From all we know about the druids and their connection to Gaia they seem to be both mystical and magickal at the same time. The Gaia connection is definitely there as oaks and groves are sacred. Also the inclusion of women and the ability to do magick.

But the mystical connection also seems to be there and especially because druidry seems to have been so easily absorbed into Christianity which is not necessarily magickal and lacking a Gaia connection. Christianity is very much of the 3rd eye center. So Druidry seems to be a variant of the Order of Melchizedek, which is the only Order of Antiquity that does both. This is also the most ancient of Orders.

The very simple instructions of Druidry also seem akin to that of ancient Zoroastrianism, to do what is right, reverence the Divine Being, and simply lead a good life. This places it solidly in the camp of those traditions I choose to call Organic Gnosticism.

The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids by Edward Davies 1809. My first notes deal with page 53 but first a little information that I find interesting. It seems there is a bit of a conflict between Edward Davies and a group called the Bards of Glamorgan. It seems the Bards of Glamorgan discovered a source of previously unknown manuscripts and their authenticity has been questioned. So the author will not use any of that new material and will rely upon manuscripts that have been known to exist for a long time and have been authenticated.

That means this book should be a nice balance to “The Barddas” which we know to have been compromised.

“If the poem called Canu y byd mawr, “The great song of the world”, contains anything of Druidism, we must acknowledge at least, that it is mixed with a large proportion of foreign matter.

The subject is man and the universe. – The soul is said to be seated in the head of man, who is composed of seven elements, fire, earth, water, air, vapor, blossom,( the fructifying principal), and the wind of purposes (q. whether the soul or the passions?) He is endowed with seven senses, appetite and aversion being admitted into the number. – Hence perhaps the vulgar phrase, of being frightened out of one’s 7 senses. There are seven skies or spheres over the head of the diviner.

There are three divisions of the sea, answering to the like number of shores.

Thus far, for aught I know, the Bard may have drawn from the source of druidism: but he proceeds to reckon up the seven planets, by names which are borrowed or corrupted from the Latin – Sola, Luna, Marka, Marcarucia, Venus, Severus, Saturnus.”

Previous to this the author was writing about Julius Caesar so this may date from that time but I am uncertain. What stands out to me is the seven elements and seven spheres over the head of the diviner. This tells me that this bard at least was familiar with the seven astral bodies and had names for the seven elements they were made up of.

This is just an update on some of the frustrations of Druid research that I’ve come across. I’m currently at about page 95 in the book by Edward Davies and he has pretty well blasted the Bards of Glamorgan proving that they were projecting ideals from the French Revolution onto the druids that didn’t exist. Ideals such as concepts of equality and peace loving at all costs.

Among other points he cites that of the Arch-Druid who according to Caesar was the absolute authority in the druid society and after he died the various factions voted and if no clear winner appeared the position was to be determined by combat between the two top contenders. Which hardly seems peace loving or showing a love of equality. He gives much more but that is enough to get the idea. The Bards of Glamorgan are obviously projecting values that were not there and quite likely values from the French revolution.

He also makes the point that the writings of the bards were quite different than what was known of the ancient druid triads. So just about all of the existent literature is contaminated. 

For example, true ancient triads had two lines that gave imagery that would be familiar to the common person and then the third came in with a totally unrelated punch line that carried the real point. For example:

“Snow of the mountain! The bird is ravenous for food-

Keen whistles the blast on the headland-In distress, the

friend is most valuable!”

The later writings of the bards altered this basic structure turning it into a different kind of triad and injected values from Christianity as well. So you can tell the truly ancient ones from the newer ones by the way they are written.

He also shares the basic weakness of these manuscripts. How can the bards draw from the same source as the druids when they were only beginners in their studies? Or said bluntly, how can a kindergartner write a college thesis?

But the author has his own bias and openly states his intention of showing that the superstition of the druids is exactly the same as that of the Greeks and Romans. 

It would have been nice if an occultist had been able to place an occult perspective on some of this and I guess that is what I’m trying to do.

I’m currently at around page 145 in Edward Davies book and need to put a few notes down because my head is swirling with thoughts. In this portion of the book he seeks stories of the great flood within the ancient druidic writings. He comes to the conclusion that there were stories of the deluge and that Noah, the great patriarch was deified as a sun god.

But before I go down that rabbit hole I would like to share a little scientific research that applies to this issue:

The November 14, 2018 journal of Science Advances tells of a giant meteor strike discovery beneath the Hiawatha glacier in Greenland. It is 19 miles across making it in the top 25 known meteor strikes. It was made of iron and they estimate it weighed 11 to 12 billion tons! It is fairly recent, perhaps as young as 12,000 or 15,000 years ago. That was when Atlantis was destroyed in a great flood and cataclysm that completely destroyed the ancient world and kicked off an extinction event during what is called the younger Dreyus period. 

So there was a great flood and this is a viable way of research. First he discovers that mountains and lakes are considered sacred and he suspects ritual enactments of the great deluge are at the root of this. In one instance he points out that there are not really any mountains in Britain like the legends talk about and he suggests the mythos came from the island of Samothrace which had a sacred mountain of the gods and which was a major center of worship at one time. So people migrated from that area into Britain bringing their stories with them. I might mention that mount Arrat, the mountain upon which Noah’s Ark supposedly came to rest was never considered a center of sacred activity.

He also mentions that the bull and serpent are both important symbols in the druidic stories and that Noah was considered the first husbandman who invented agriculture and developed wine from grapes. As the inventor of husbandry or agriculture he was often depicted as a bull. There were many stories of a team of oxen pulling something out of a sacred lake that had flooded the entire world.

This might be true but I have a problem in understanding this because my understanding of the ancient Celts was that husbandry didn’t figure into their culture which was entirely devoted to herding and hunting. Was the author referencing druidic manuscripts from the mainland as well? Are bulls and cows an important part of Celtic society? I thought it was more about pigs? I really don’t know much about this area.

But anyway the bull and the oxen are important symbols of strength throughout antiquity and the bull is worshiped all over the place. And I’m reminded of the Egyptian bark that carries Horus through the sky. Is that Noah’s ark as well? And the chariot that carries Apollo, is it drawn by oxen? Is there really an abundance of symbolism telling one great story? And is Poseidon just another name for Noah?

Apparently there is also a story of eight people surviving the deluge in the Ark and are known as the Oagdad? Or the eight who were deified. Ancient Egyptain mysteries mention a sacred eight divinities who created our world? Scratches head.

No answers, but I needed to put these notes down so I don’t forget.

I’m at around page 167 of Edward Davies book and need to regroup and take a few notes. Truly I never dreamed the road that this research would lead me down. We’ve already established the reality of a great flood or deluge and it makes sense that stories of it would abound in all cultures that were affected by it. I tried to find some good information of the mysteries of Samothrace and found there was hardly anything out there. I did find a book that looked promising and ordered it. Samothrace was pre-Hellenic Greece and could very well be a common origin point of both the Greek and Druid Cultures. The little I found out about it was that it was heavily goddess oriented and influenced the Minoan and Phoenician cultures. The Phoenicians of course being the first to trade with the Druid culture.

In any case the book goes on to suggest that the many sacred islands, mountains and rivers may have been the result of dramatic reenactments of the story of the deluge and the story of Noah and the ark. There are stories of floating islands and moving islands which might be symbolic of the ark itself as a raft with both people and animals upon it. And of course the sacred landing spot at which the ark finally came to rest. These events could very well have been reenacted symbolically as the story of the deluge, Noah and the ark finally reaching the sacred island of the gods at Samothrace? 

Over time these places of reenactment became sacred in their own right. This was certainly a concept that I had never considered and I can’t help but think of all the stories and legends of secret islands, hidden islands, holy islands and sacred mountaintops. I certainly need to think a bit more about this as it is simply stunning to me.

I’m at around page 238 of The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids by Edward Davies. Unfortunately an entire section of the text is unreadable with one page being readable and to facing page unreadable! So it is impossible to get a sustained conception of what the author is trying to say.

Regardless, I find myself unconvinced of some of the arguments the author brings forward in this section. But first what this section is about. He continues in the beginning with the story of the deluge but now takes on the role the feminine principle or goddess plays in the druidic stories. Then he moves on to the story of Taliesin and tries to find corresponding links with other cultures and not doing a convincing job of it in my opinion.

But because of that seed thought linking the druids to Samothrace I leap to my own instinct that is worth sharing. After all, I’m reading this to stimulate my own understanding and not parrot someone else’s. The question is whether I can adequately put my feeling into words.

Ceridwin is the goddess and in the story of the deluge the goddess is both the storrn, the tempest and the sure passage through it! The safe landing of the ark and Noah on sacred ground is due to the guiding light and power of the goddess herself and is blessed, but at the same time she is the mighty ocean and the terrible storm. The safe passage is like giving birth to a new life.

I think this same cycle continues at another level in the story of Taliesin who as one of the furies or a witch she has a different type of cauldron or vessel and she is both the force that seeks to destroy him and the force that grants him safe passage into a rebirth!

This to me truly smacks of goddess worship and not old testament stuff!

At page 283 of Edward Davies book I find that I need to write down some notes or lose them entirely. The ruined pages continue so that I can only glean a little here and there but that is enough!

The clue lies with the notion of the goddess that I had in the last post, that of the raging storm and the safe passage through it. Taliesin was said to have been born three times and the last time was when Ceridwin wrapped him up and placed him in a small coracle and sent him down the river where he was caught and brought to safety. 

Apparently the final  initiation to become a Druid was to be placed in a small coracle presumably bound and helpless, with the coracle sealed up and then pushed into a dangerous and raging rapids to wash up further downstream. If he or she survived they would never again in their lives doubt the ability of the goddess to grant safe passage through any danger. I would suppose that other Druids would assist in protecting the coracle through etheric projection. 

The end result of such an initiation would be an iron clad will and belief in the power of the goddess and an attitude similar to that of: if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger! Which seems appropriate for the Druids. 

Another interesting link to both the Goddess and story of the deluge is that of Arianrod, the goddess of the silver wheel who poured forth the stream of the rainbow which made certain that the world would never again be destroyed by flood. So it is the Goddess and not God who shines the rainbow as a sacred  promise.

The author believes that the similarities of the Christian Bible and the story of Noah and the deluge were what allowed them to accept Christianity so readily.

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Organic Gnosticism Course Online Live!

Well folks, its here! At least the first four modules. I was torn between getting a few more modules done or allowing some people early access and my compromise is to let you, those who have followed me the longest, to begin early if you are interested in this amazing course. In a month just before the next full moon I will advertise this on my PaganSpace site.

It has been a life long dream of mine to have a mystery school and I was beginning to think that it would never happen. But I try to allow myself to be guided in these things and recently I was closing out some accounts that my wife had. As her spouse I was the only one with the authority to do it and I felt that she would approve of my spending that money on this Online Course which we both dreamed of. So I can offer this course free for a couple of years and then it needs to find a way to support itself.

That is why I could really use your help! For those interested in my work it would be very helpful if you would enroll in this course and give feedback and discussion on what works and what needs to be improved and perhaps what is missing. To be successful this course needs to hit the mark dead on! You all can help me to refine it to the highest quality possible.

I believe that I can complete this course in one year of weekly modules. Each module would have five or six lessons depending upon what seems most appropriate. This would be material that I wish I had known about years ago when I started upon this journey. That includes completely new material that I am just now in the process of discovering!

You have been following my posts for several years and know what a mess it is to try and find anything! Organizing this material into a course allows it to be easily found and referenced, but it also allows me to share more about why the material is important and a chance to answer questions if things are not completely understood.

The main tool that will be used in the course is a weekly meditation that will be given for a specific purpose. In the beginning this will be the OAK Energy Ball Meditation as I discovered it and used it myself, one chakra at a time. After we have moved on to portal work I will be adding pathworking meditations based upon the Tarot designations I just discovered through the Aurum Solis.

The use of these meditations is a very powerful tool that makes you familiar and comfortable with the altered states of consciousness and working with energies. It also helps to activate the chakra centers and harmonize them so that awareness can easily shift from one level to another. This is hands on experiential knowledge.

The difference between group portal meditations and individual meditations is profound! In group portal meditations each member of the circle helps every other member and the advancement is rapid. Individual meditation work is the final proof of competency though! Ultimately you need to be able to do things on your own and that is why both forms of meditations will be offered.

Each module will also have a historical section that will track the Organic Gnosticism movement up through the ages so that we can understand it better and be proud of it. There is nothing really new under the sun and we are simply taking what has always been know to a higher level of understanding.

Each module will have a scientific/psychological section that will attempt to place ancient concepts within a modern framework that is effective and empowering. A perfect example of this is placing the Hermetic Kabbalah upon the Periodic Table of Elements, something that has never been done before.

Lastly each module will have a section on self empowerment, beginning with Assertiveness Training and Anger Management. These are techniques and concepts that can be put into immediate practical use!

By now you all know me. Most of what I have to say is written in as few words as possible. But it would be really helpful if you would step up and help me find the best words! This Organic Gnosticism Course can be the most powerful and effective tool for personal empowerment out there! To do that people need to be impressed by it enough to recommend it to their friends. With your feedback and suggestions I can make it that impressive!

Hope to see you there!


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Connection to Gaia New Pathworking #1

This is the first in a series of pathworking meditations that I have created using the new OAK system that makes use of the complete Periodic Table of the Elements. This first pathworking connects us to Gaia as the Cosmic Womb of all life rebirthing us into a new life. This connection to Gaia is important for the Druid tradition as well as any magickal traditions. I have created this meditation for my own use, but welcome others to use it as well!

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What I’ve learned so far! My latest adventures with the OBOD and Aurum Solis have had some interesting side effects that have also helped clarify and crystalize things on my own personal path. So what I would like to share is that the most important things a person can do to advance their own personal journey are these things:

Any portal meditation works to connect you to the two ultimate power sources, the Spiritual Light and The Cosmic Womb of Creation. When you connect to these two powers you can begin to channel energy instead of generating it with your physical body! As you open up more energy channels and eliminate toxins and repressed energies this tends to feed upon itself and allow you to make even more progress! The tapping into these two cosmic power sources has traditionally been called high magick because it is far more powerful than being limited to the energies produced by the physical body itself.

The portal meditations are conducted as if you are part of a group and other members are there with you as you assist them and they assist you in the opening and blending of each chakra energy! This collective working of the portal meditations allows each member to be in effect soulmates to the other members of the circle. This means you don’t need to wait to find that special person whose energy harmonizes with your own. The energy of each member of the circle harmonizes with the energies of every other member. Group work becomes much more powerful and effective than solo practice in the tapping in to the two cosmic power sources and the awakening of each individual chakra.

Each individual chakra needs to be fully activated and each individual astral body needs to be permanently activated as quickly as possible. Again, the group portal meditations work to do this in a collective manner and may also lead to the permanent activation of each individual energy body. These things are the first phase that needs to be completed before moving to the second phase.

The second phase is the one that I am working on right now. I am working daily with the full chakra activation meditation which allows me to shift my awareness from one energy body to another and smooth out any wrinkles or vulnerable spots. The final goal is to totally merge all seven energy bodies into one completely integrated soul body! This work consists of healing individual levels and balancing them, sending energy out for any magickal purpose and whatever you choose to do or explore.

Working from this integrated soul body is like being surrounded by a magickal mist in which you can find or create or heal anything that you focus your attention on! The ultimate goal is to have your awareness permanently exist at this level. That means smoothing out all the wrinkles in the various levels and making the energetic contacts between the two cosmic power sources as clean and pure as possible!

So in summary I would suggest any beginner to start with a portal meditation until they are very comfortable with it. Then attempt the advanced chakra activation meditation. These two meditations are all a person requires to completely integrate and empower their soul body. All the rest is perhaps nice to know, but not needed.

I intend to be working with the advanced chakra activation meditation for a long time because it is so powerful. Right now I need to do it just after I wake up in the morning before I eat anything. Otherwise I tend to blank out or slip away to something else and loose my focus on the meditation. So this is definitely a difficult meditation to perform correctly.

In a way these two meditations summarize my entire life’s work! This is probably the ultimate simplification of the completion of the magickal and mystical paths! I don’t think they can be simplified down any more than this!

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Here is the deal. I’ve been doing several rituals or meditations every day for one reason or another. By far the most powerful is my own shifting awareness point meditation which I need to do right away in the morning when I am fresh. If I have eaten or am too tired I seem to blank out or go off on my own and miss consciously finishing the meditation. I can also say that it is the most effective at this point and showcases just how important having all chakras fully opened really is!

The most perfect example of why it is important is the very simple ritual of casting a circle for the OBOD. It is simply going to each direction and sending peace energy out into the world, but I can send this energy from each chakra center and I can also sense all the energies within the circle that belong to each chakra. There is no easy way to say this so I will just blurt it out:

Knowing what I now know I would not attempt casting any circle for any purpose unless I knew that all my chakra centers were open and active! If you are working on one particular level you need to be aware of what is happening on the other levels! It is best that you can work on all levels at the same time!

Working with the portal meditations will safely open and energize all chakra centers and the sharing of energy and helping other members of the circle will assist in making this the best use of time and energy in terms of getting results. When you are working with portal energy you are working with all the energies at the same time and it is more powerful and effective than just trying to work with one energy.

The old way of developing one energy center and then working with the energy of that center to do things such as astral projection or energy/magickal work is simply obsolete! The astral will now find ways to work around what you are trying to do unless you have the ability to work on all levels at the same time! Other magickal practitioners will simply find ways to get around you as well.

Full spectrum energy work is the only way to go! Full spectrum energy work with Druid practice is a very powerful combination that centers the earth energy and works with the vital life force that exists within all things.

So work the portal meditations until you are very comfortable with them. Then you can try some of the awareness point shifting meditations to more fully activate the various energy bodies. Also very important is to actively try working with the energies once you are in an altered state. Get to know them and get a sense of how they work and what works best for you. Remember that an open chakra grants the ability to work with that energy. A closed chakra won’t work at all.

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This is going to be a rather strange post to go into a Druid oriented blog but in many ways it brings up some things that truly need to be addressed and confronted. Just as the universe and the cosmic are receptive to our wishes and desires, we are born hard wired to be suggestible. If someone asks our birthday or where we live we don’t even stop to think before we give them the information. In the Air Force I took basic land survival and POW resistance training and they taught that we are too gullible and easily duped. While I won’t go into it, I will say that humans are hard wired to do what external authority tells them to do and to not question it even when it should be questioned.

But the point of this post is to point out that our society bombards us with suggestions every day. Think of the commercial advertisements, the fake news, the Covid 19 epidemic. Religion suggests that we are sinful and unclean so we become sinful and unclean. Medical science tells us that we need new medications so we become dependent upon them not trusting the natural healing ability of our physical bodies. It is suggested that we go to the experts rather than try to do something on our own. So we loose faith in our own ability to successfully cope with things in life.

What we choose to focus on becomes real to us! It becomes our reality! We are naturally suggestible to these things and naturally compliant. We instinctively trust that others have our best interests in mind. We are hard wired that way.

We are hard wired to follow what is suggested to us.

Here is another suggestion:

The physical body is naturally able to heal itself. It has strong healing abilities that it can use against illness. But when it is stressed and doesn’t know what is wrong, doesn’t understand the source of the stress, it can’t do anything to release the stress. When the stress becomes too great it will create an illness or a crisis simply to relieve the stress because that stress has become life threatening.

That is what happened in our own society with Covid 19. The stresses within our divided society became so great that an illness, an epidemic was created to release those stresses. There needed to be some kind of release and that is what the lock down achieved. But it did nothing to address the core reasons of why our society is so divided. The stress is still building!

If we want something we need to ask for it. We need to work toward it. The new lesson for magickal empowerment is an old one:

We need to suggest to ourselves, to others and to the Cosmic those things that we want and desire and they will be drawn to us and we will be drawn to them! It cannot be any simpler! This is true for society as well. We need to suggest and focus on what we want society to be and not focus on the problems that it has. We need to learn how to use the power of suggestion in a positive way and not in a negative way! We need to do this for ourselves as individuals and for society at large. This is how the new energy works. It is time to both believe in the healing power of the human body and to believe in the healing power of society!

Have high, positive expectations and search for ways they can be achieved. There is always some common point that can be used as a beginning for compromise and stability, but only when you believe in humanity, believe in each other. When you look for enemies you will find enemies! When you believe in life and in love you will find life and love. When you believe in death and fear you will find death and fear!

What are you suggesting to yourself and what are you suggesting to others? What are they suggesting to you? Learn to use the power of suggestion wisely and not abuse it.

The power of suggestion and the power of stories is an important aspect of the Druid way of life. It is one of their most powerful tools.

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The full moon just before the summer solstice is known as the Christ Festival in various traditions. When you look at the entire cycle of nature as a living system that circulates vital life force energy the time between this full moon and the summer solstice is when the vital life force energy reaches the capillaries and is distributed to each individual cell. The period after the summer solstice is when the toxins and old cellular material are eliminated from the cells and go into the arteries on their way back to be cleansed, purified and rejuvenated through the various organs, heart and lungs.

So in nature this time is when the vital life force energy of the year is distributed among all possibilities in the astral planes and energizing them for physical manifestation. That physical manifestation might not be immediate, but it is placed into motion and will bring some type of results at the time of the harvest.

New Druidry seeks to live in harmony with the cycles of nature and that is why it is important to observe them as we pass through them. In the plant world we can see this as the maturing or flowering period where the plant reaches its physical peak before the energies switch direction at the solstice.

Said in another way the energies of Beltaine begin the release the vital life force energies from all the astral layers and they begin to pour into the physical world as the energies of spring. It is during and after this Christ Festival Full Moon that the energies begin to be absorbed by all living things. This absorption process culminates at the summer solstice.

So we might switch our thinking from where we are getting our energy to what we are putting our energy into! For greatest results we need to choose carefully those things that we put our energy into.

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The more I do this meditation the more pleased I am with it. Right now any changes would be small indeed so I’m listing this on the side bar and including it in this blog.

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The astral resists change and will snap back to its original shape like a rubber band if it can. But if the astral connection is truly broken or changed it will snap into a new position and attempt to keep that position as well! That is why it takes so much energy to change the way things are. It takes much more energy to change the way things are than it does to simply maintain the way things are. This is one of the great secrets of working with astral energies.

To put this in context, successfully doing a portal meditation permanently changes the energy channels within your body and brings them into alignment. I’ve seen this happen to people over and over again. In the beginning there is a lot of healing and clearing of toxic and negative energies but soon a point is reached where the portal can be created without any clearing of toxins and negativity. A permanent change has taken place within the energy channels of your own energy bodies and within the circle itself.

The same holds true for the shifting of awareness into an energy center and energy body. Once you truly do it a permanent change takes place and it will attempt to maintain itself. In practical terms once this shift has taken place a person can move on to the next phase or stage of soul development. You don’t have to keep doing portal meditations for the rest of your life, although it would not hurt. A big reason I have kept doing them for so long is to help others by being a part of the circle with them and sharing my own energy with them.

I am having great success with the awareness shifting meditation and will soon just begin the meditation by creating the complete soul body from the star chakra energies where the feet touch the ground. That is the next phase. But my energy connections to SOURCE and the WOMB of LIFE are solidly established and permanent. I don’t need to recreate them each and every meditation any more. The same is true with the opening of each energy center and the shifting of awareness into each individual energy body. Once it becomes easy it also becomes permanent and it is time to move on.

I do tend to be almost overly cautious and conservative and keep repeating things perhaps more than I should or more than I would need to. But I want to be absolutely certain that the changes have become permanent. I don’t want to risk losing that connection to SOURCE or the WOMB of LIFE after working so hard to establish them. But there is a point where they become permanent and can be trusted to be there.

So where we are now at is the permanent creation of each energy body and the ability to shift awareness into each individual energy body at will. As you do this you will discover that it is like changing a radio station and if you are focused in your emotional energies for example, you have no awareness of any of the others! There is not any bleed through from one type of energy to another.

That is where the complete soul body comes in. The complete soul body is the final integration of all the energy bodies working together as one unit. When this integration and harmonization takes place and becomes permanent the complete soul body can begin to integrate and harmonize with the physical body by gently altering the DNA while using both the unlimited energies of SOURCE and the WOMB of LIFE. We are beginning to work on this process right now with the awareness shifting meditations, but those meditations can become much simpler and shorter by simply beginning with the star chakra and the complete soul body. That is the next stage and what the next meditation is about.

I just wanted people to know that this is serious work that we are involved with and we are achieving real results that are permanent and effective! The integration and harmonization of the complete soul body with the physical body is the completion of the Lessor Work and only then does the Great Work of creating a new world for ourselves become possible.

I also believe that these techniques were known by the ancient druids and taught by them. That is why I am sharing them here in this blog.

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Galaxy, Starry Sky, Trees, Away, Worm Hole, Meadow

I didn’t know whether to post this in this blog or my other blog and finally decided to post it in both OAK: Inner Circle and Anarchistbanjo’s World. I really think it is important enough to share in both places. You see, I posted the original full chakra meditation in Anarchistbanjo’s World and posted the modified longer version of shifting the awareness point in OAK: Inner Circle. While I have only been working with these meditations for a couple weeks some things have become absolutely clear to me and I want to share them.

But first I would like to talk about the kind of information you might find on other blogs around the internet and how my two blogs compare.

First you have all those New Age Gaia ascension blogs that give channeled information that is primarily focused upon the ascension of humanity and our space brothers and sisters with little or no attention given to Gaia herself or the other life forms, the plants, animals and all species that are also ascending with Gaia. No life form is being left behind! How many blogs have that message? How many blogs focus on that message? How many mention full spectrum ascension? Very few, and I can’t personally think of any although I admit they might exist.

Secondly, the development of the soul and it’s empowerment. Metaphysical, spiritual and occult studies mention such things as astral projection, chakra meditations and self healing. How many of those are experiential? How many cut through the BS to get to the heart of things? How many are simply misleading? How many talk about the importance of working with group energy? How many talk about tantra and working with kundalini energy? Sure, there are some. But most of the ones that I know about talk of the dangers of progressing too fast. They only give basic information without actually sharing how to achieve the desired results. For example, they only talk about astral projection with one astral body. They only talk about how important it is to open energy channels within the body and release the trapped emotions and toxins. Simply consider those that talk about the use of drumming, chanting, dancing or any other technique of generating energy instead of tapping directly into SOURCE or THE WOMB OF CREATION.

The Portal meditations involve advanced concepts in directly experiencing for yourself working with group energy, tapping into SOURCE and the WOMB of CREATION as ultimate power sources. They also offer fast, safe and effective ways of activating each individual chakra center and integrating and harmonizing it with all of the other energy centers. They offer ways of personally working with the different types of energy and getting used to them. I’ve shared these energies with others and they are extremely effective and safe! They work!

The full chakra awareness shifting meditations are at a totally higher level of personal experience and development and why I am writing this post. These are so advanced that what they actually achieve is mind blowing! For one thing they literally prove that you can shift your sense of self and awareness from one energy body to another and they do this through personal experience. In doing these meditations you can prove to yourself beyond any doubt that you do have each one of these energy bodies and can center your awareness into them at will. Forget those blogs that talk about creating your body of light. These meditations allow you to personally experience all energy bodies:

Abstract Spiritual- Hydrogen- Crown Chakra-Unity

Concrete Spiritual-Helium- middle of brain chakra-former reptile brain/archetypal duality

Abstract Mental-Neon- Third Eye chakra- creative/philosophical

Concrete Mental-Argon- Throat Chakra- egoic awareness/ sense of self

Upper Emotional-Krypton- Heart chakra- love, music, the fine arts

Lower Emotional-Xenon- Solar Plexus- will/determination/anger/sadness/empathy

Physical-Radon- Sacral chakra- our physical bodies and sexuality/ the survival instinct/gender perspective

Etheric-Oganesson- Root chakra- vital life force/ magick/ paranormal experiences/the Summerland

Where our feet touch the ground-Star chakra- the complete soul body

The awareness shifting meditation proves to me and to anyone who does it that awareness and full consciousness exists at any one of the above locations and exists within its own defined energetic body! This is something that can be demonstrated through personal experience! Can you think of any other blog or information source that offers this? This is not theory or channeling, but the ability to experience for yourself and prove not only the existence of each energy body, but the complete integration of them all into the complete soul body at the star chakra.

But here is the next part. These meditations have shown me that in addition to these energy bodies there also still exists what we think of as our physical body which is created out of living matter, complex molecules and DNA.

Each energy body has a physical basis in that it is created out of a noble gas and contains within it the other elements of it’s electron ring. But those other elements only exist in potential. It is the living organic physical body that exists on a higher more complex octave and the complexity of its existence makes it mortal and subject to the cycle of birth/death/rebirth.

Full spectrum ascension is the integration of all these energy bodies with this organic and more complex physical body. It is the mutation of the DNA to become more in harmony with the original blueprints contained within each energy body that is now creating the new human. This is why I have been so focused upon shifting into each energy body and while in that energy body focusing on the healing of my physical body! Each such healing is causing modifications to the physical DNA which in turn creates the mortal physical body which my complete soul now occupies.

So what happens to my immortal complete soul body when I drop this mortal coil? For the first time this answer seems self-evident. I will be drawn to another brand new organic physical form and it may or may not be human depending upon what type of organic physical life forms are available! That is why organic physical life is so sacred! That is why Gaia’s organic ascension is so vital and important. Gaia’s ascension with all life forms has never been achieved before! Together we are doing something that has never been done and it will change everything!

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