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I have recently began my Ovate studies with the Order of Bards,Ovates & Druids. So far this has been very symbolic and powerful for me. A few of the things this grade deals with are divination and herbs. In terms of divination I have really been doing in depth research on global events and what we can expect. I’ve been posting information on Pagan Space.

What I’ve determined is that the powers that were are desperately trying to crash the world’s economy. A global food and energy crisis seems inevitable at this point. The globalists continue to believe they can pull it off and create a new financial system that will be digital and enslave humanity. The reality is that the food and energy crisis has forced individual nations to take care of their own populations and become more nationalistic.

China, Russia and the other BRICS nations are in the process of creating a new global monetary system that is based upon a gold standard and will use multi-national currencies. This system is not compatible with the fractional reserve system used in the west and we are finding ourselves in a global financial war of attrition. The Petrodollar and Euro are doomed . . . but it may take awhile. . . the proof of this is only to consider how the ruble remains strong against all the sanctions the west is throwing at it.

As I enter my study of herbs I remain at a disadvantage because I live in a small apartment building with no room to grow herbs or food. But I decided to research which herbs would be good for my two main health concerns, high blood pressure and circulatory issues. I ended up going to the local natural foods store and buying some powdered Cayenne, Cinnamon, and Tumeric. Not being an expert on such things I’ve decided to simply put a pinch of each powder on my meals as a seasoning. I also got some Tumeric and Ginger tea . . .

As my studies continue I may decide to pick up even more herbs as I gain an understanding of what they might be used for and how to use them. Even if I can’t grow them I can have some of them around if I have a use for them.

I welcome any comments on herbs and how to use them properly. I am an absolute beginner at this and hardly know where to start.

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