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This is going to be a rather strange post to go into a Druid oriented blog but in many ways it brings up some things that truly need to be addressed and confronted. Just as the universe and the cosmic are receptive to our wishes and desires, we are born hard wired to be suggestible. If someone asks our birthday or where we live we don’t even stop to think before we give them the information. In the Air Force I took basic land survival and POW resistance training and they taught that we are too gullible and easily duped. While I won’t go into it, I will say that humans are hard wired to do what external authority tells them to do and to not question it even when it should be questioned.

But the point of this post is to point out that our society bombards us with suggestions every day. Think of the commercial advertisements, the fake news, the Covid 19 epidemic. Religion suggests that we are sinful and unclean so we become sinful and unclean. Medical science tells us that we need new medications so we become dependent upon them not trusting the natural healing ability of our physical bodies. It is suggested that we go to the experts rather than try to do something on our own. So we loose faith in our own ability to successfully cope with things in life.

What we choose to focus on becomes real to us! It becomes our reality! We are naturally suggestible to these things and naturally compliant. We instinctively trust that others have our best interests in mind. We are hard wired that way.

We are hard wired to follow what is suggested to us.

Here is another suggestion:

The physical body is naturally able to heal itself. It has strong healing abilities that it can use against illness. But when it is stressed and doesn’t know what is wrong, doesn’t understand the source of the stress, it can’t do anything to release the stress. When the stress becomes too great it will create an illness or a crisis simply to relieve the stress because that stress has become life threatening.

That is what happened in our own society with Covid 19. The stresses within our divided society became so great that an illness, an epidemic was created to release those stresses. There needed to be some kind of release and that is what the lock down achieved. But it did nothing to address the core reasons of why our society is so divided. The stress is still building!

If we want something we need to ask for it. We need to work toward it. The new lesson for magickal empowerment is an old one:

We need to suggest to ourselves, to others and to the Cosmic those things that we want and desire and they will be drawn to us and we will be drawn to them! It cannot be any simpler! This is true for society as well. We need to suggest and focus on what we want society to be and not focus on the problems that it has. We need to learn how to use the power of suggestion in a positive way and not in a negative way! We need to do this for ourselves as individuals and for society at large. This is how the new energy works. It is time to both believe in the healing power of the human body and to believe in the healing power of society!

Have high, positive expectations and search for ways they can be achieved. There is always some common point that can be used as a beginning for compromise and stability, but only when you believe in humanity, believe in each other. When you look for enemies you will find enemies! When you believe in life and in love you will find life and love. When you believe in death and fear you will find death and fear!

What are you suggesting to yourself and what are you suggesting to others? What are they suggesting to you? Learn to use the power of suggestion wisely and not abuse it.

The power of suggestion and the power of stories is an important aspect of the Druid way of life. It is one of their most powerful tools.

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The way of Druidry is the way of nature and Unity with nature. It is the recognition of a way of life that is in balance with all other living things. For me the most important part of this is the solar and lunar cycles which I steadfastly observe, not with ritual, but by simply being aware of them and aware of what energetically happens during each time of the year so that I can be more in harmony with it.

This is the time of the flowering, of the maturing not only of nature but of our hopes, wishes and dreams as well. With both feet firmly planted on the ground we can take a look around and see what we have surrounded ourselves with. Whatever we have surrounded ourselves with will give some clue as to what type of harvest we might expect in the fall.

Let’s look at this another way. What have we put energy into? At the time of the summer solstice the energy shifts and we no longer have the free energy to put into things. Any energy we receive will come from those projects that are bearing fruit for us and paying us back for our time and energy investment. Those matured projects will give us the energy to continue forward as they give back to us.

Things now begin to move forward by their own momentum and by their own vital life force. We don’t need to push so hard and can take a few breaks to have some fun.

In my own life I have been struggling to catch up on my research and study concerning the integration and synthesis of Organic Gnosticism with other spiritual traditions and an ultimate showdown with the materialists and their lack of belief in the soul and other non-physical realities. I will put this bluntly. Severe damage can result from over identifying with the physical body at the time of death of the physical body. Our physical bodies will all die someday and what remains of our awareness will depend upon how much can hold itself together. This depends upon how strong our sense of self or ego truly is and we live in a society that is hell bent on destroying the sense of self or ego of each individual! We are truly at a point of spiritual crisis within our society. A strong sense of self and identity is more vital than ever and individualism is the way forward!

My bookshelves literally contain what I consider the best and most powerful resources from many spiritual and magickal traditions around the world. I also have unlimited access to a life time of Rosicrucian and Martinist studies. I’m currently going through Aurum Solis and OBOD material as well as trying to integrate other teachings. This is all being integrated into Organic Gnosticism!

Why Aurum Solis and OBOD? Every tradition specializes in something that you don’t find in other traditions. In the Aurum Solis I’m finding incredibly valuable material about theurgy which is essentially how one can develop the soul and its powers to the point of divinity by seeking the help of other beings that have already gone through that same process of once being mortal and then becoming gods and goddesses through the creation and permanent activation of the immortal physical body or etheric body. I believe that the gods and goddesses were once mortal like us and became immortal. They can interact with us and help us and we can become like them. I have not come across this point of view before and am fascinated at how the Aurum Solis approaches this.

A similar thing is happening with my studies in the OBOD which has close ties with the Aurum Solis. This is the only tradition I have found in which all of nature is sacred and needs to be in balance. This is about the circle of life and about the vital life force that is shared among all living things. It is about service to Gaia and all living things. It is about being a part of that circle of life and joining into it. I think it truly reflects some Native American traditions and shaman traditions that exist but I don’t have access to.

In my opinion these two organizations offer what various pagan and wiccan groups pretend to offer but don’t. For example pagan and wiccan groups often worship various gods and goddesses, but believe these gods and goddesses were created out of human thought and human longing while I believe they were once mortal like we are and became immortal. Spells and rituals are all too often self serving and do not serve Gaia and all of life.

So in a way I’m seeking that original Source that lies behind wicca and paganism and all the other traditions that I have studied and lived in this life and in others. I call that Original Source Organic Gnosticism!

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