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The full moon just before the summer solstice is known as the Christ Festival in various traditions. When you look at the entire cycle of nature as a living system that circulates vital life force energy the time between this full moon and the summer solstice is when the vital life force energy reaches the capillaries and is distributed to each individual cell. The period after the summer solstice is when the toxins and old cellular material are eliminated from the cells and go into the arteries on their way back to be cleansed, purified and rejuvenated through the various organs, heart and lungs.

So in nature this time is when the vital life force energy of the year is distributed among all possibilities in the astral planes and energizing them for physical manifestation. That physical manifestation might not be immediate, but it is placed into motion and will bring some type of results at the time of the harvest.

New Druidry seeks to live in harmony with the cycles of nature and that is why it is important to observe them as we pass through them. In the plant world we can see this as the maturing or flowering period where the plant reaches its physical peak before the energies switch direction at the solstice.

Said in another way the energies of Beltaine begin the release the vital life force energies from all the astral layers and they begin to pour into the physical world as the energies of spring. It is during and after this Christ Festival Full Moon that the energies begin to be absorbed by all living things. This absorption process culminates at the summer solstice.

So we might switch our thinking from where we are getting our energy to what we are putting our energy into! For greatest results we need to choose carefully those things that we put our energy into.

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