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I have two points that I would like to make in this post and they both come after over sixty years of walking a spiritual path and working with energies. The first point is that the goal is to develop and permanently activate all seven of our multi-dimensional bodies and empower them within their particular worlds. We do this by gaining and integrating each point of awareness and sensory input of that particular electron ring or energy body. The final activation gives the ability to project and use the associated noble gas as a permanent multi-dimensional body for our awareness.

Each chakra when fully developed will generate and produce the noble gas body appropriate to it. So it is important to focus on the development of each chakra. The portal meditations do this is a healthy and gentle way. The portal meditations also allow awareness to seamlessly transfer from level to level and from chakra to chakra.

What I’m saying is that trying to work with any type of energy other than chakra energy is against nature. There is no fire energy or water energy or air energy or earth energy except in the abstract. When a chakra extrudes energy it is a balanced energy and a complete energy. That is what you are wanting to do. It is the magickal energy that can create a body or be worked with to do various magickal activities. No ritual is needed. No artificial props are needed. To work with pure chakra energy is the most primitive and purest way of working with magickal energy. To work with portal energy is even more primitive and powerful.

The portal meditations work with group energy to assist each other in developing and empowering each chakra in the safest and quickest way possible. Working with so called elemental or planetary energies is a complete waste of time because they are artificial and abstract energies that are not clean like chakra energies.

The second point is that each chakra creates its own body and its own world. We think of the physical world as the real world, but in reality the physical world is the world created by the sacral chakra. The limitations of the physical body are the result of blockages within the sacral chakra. Blockages of the other chakras result in limitations that are just as severe if not more severe.

Blockages in the Solar Plexus chakra can keep us trapped in depression and apathy. Blockages in the heart chakra can cause us to not feel or experience the full range of emotions, keeping us trapped in our head and in fantasies. Blockages in the throat chakra can prevent us from being truly aware of what is going on in our environment. Blockages in the third eye chakra keep us prisoners of a belief system that no longer works to bring us the life we desire. Blockages in the crown chakra severs or restricts our connection to SOURCE and limitless energy. Just as a blockage of the root chakra severs or restricts our connection to the limitless vital life force energy of Gaia and the Womb of Life.

It is blockages that diminish our ability to repel those things we don’t want and diminish our ability to attract those things we desire. Blockages also prevent the development and empowerment of each individual multi-dimensional body.

We have made the entire metaphysical and magickal sciences too complex and distorted by dividing and splitting what should be united and integrated under a simple awareness that can freely travel and experience the full spectrum of multi-dimensional life. Yes, things are really that simple! Remove the blockages and everything else will unfold naturally and safely.

During the portal meditation when you activate a chakra and reach out with that chakra energy to the others in the circle you are doing something profound and the energy is responding to your command and you are perfectly aware of it. When you do this to all the energies of all the chakras you are truly and genuinely developing your soul and its powers! But it takes time and it takes practice! Trying to work with other energies is an artificial and unnatural activity and a waste of time and energy. Do what counts! Learn what counts!

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This is my first Druid Sacred Grove meditation designed to gather the members of the Order and connect us to each other and to Gaia, the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. Right now I plan to be doing it daily. I offer it to others who might be interested in it as well.

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So called physical reality is not what we think it is and wrong thinking goes a long way to confuse everyone. Science tells us that the simple photon sometimes acts as a wave and sometimes acts as a particle. I suggest that each and every one of us sometimes acts as a wave of awareness expanding outward through the galaxy and then inward in recognition of our physical bodies. The Reciprocal Systems theory of Dewey Larson states that we exist in two universes simultaneously, the 3 dimensional space/time universe and its reciprocal the 3 dimensional time/space universe, which we are accustomed to thinking of as the physical world and the astral world or the heavens. The recent video that I posted on the Big Hiss tried to show visually how our energies and awareness can be an infinite flow that both expands to an outer boundary and returns through our core. We are multi-dimensional.

We also think of physical reality as hard and solid, totally ignoring the uncomfortable reality that the heaviest, most dense and most physical element of all, element #118 Oganesson is a noble gas which we cannot see, feel or sense. In fact, each noble gas can form a so called immortal or energy body that is in its own way very physical with definite points of awareness. It exists within what we erroneously call our physical world. Our world is not physical, it is multi-dimensional.

The photon or body of light is a single point of awareness and the core seed of our soul. With this body our awareness can travel throughout the entire universe. This is our ultimate source for infinite energy and it comes from a direct connection to our Divine Counterpart. God/dess will always be our Divine Counterpart. It creates an body that is round and not human shaped.

Rotating magnetic field energies are the magickal cones of power that attract or repel things to us or from us. This power to attract or repel is simply a function of how much current or energy we channel. The more energy channels that we have opened within our bodies the greater our magickal ability to attract or repel things in our life. Awareness can travel through these cones which appear as tunnels leading from one reality/world to another.

Our Hydrogen body is our unity body and is the key to transmuting one type of energy into another, of transmuting a poison into an elixir. If anything was a true representation of the fire element it would be this body which has the ability to consume and purify all of the others. This is the Crown chakra energy that connects to the magickal/magnetic cones of power and to the photon as SOURCE. This is why so many magickal traditions insist upon visualizing the ball of fire/light two inches above your head. One might visualize this body as human shaped flames or radiant and something almost impossible to look at because of its brightness.

Our Helium body has two points of awareness and is human shaped without any distinguishing features. It is like a human shaped balloon that can travel about in the spiritual realms of archetypal reality which is black and white. This is the chakra center in the middle of the brain that used to be the reptile brain but has now evolved to integrate the full spectrum energies. Everything that we are aware of exists upon a back ground otherwise we would not be able to discern it. Our Divine Counterpart creates that back ground and is that back ground. Our Divine Counterpart is EVERYTHING THAT WE ARE NOT! The world that we wander upon is the sacred body of our Divine Counterpart.

Our Neon body has eight points of awareness which we might consider sensory points such as sight, smell, touch, color, tone, weight, emotion, and external motion or internal motion. This neon body is created out of the noble gas neon and is considered an immortal body created out of abstract mental energies or philosophical energies. It exists within the world enclosed by the neon element. This is the third eye chakra energy. This body has actual human features, but they are not colored, more muted and do not have human sexual organs that are apparent. While male or female shaped they appear asexual.

Our Argon body has eight points of awareness which we might consider sensory points such as sight, smell, touch, color, tone, weight, emotion and external or internal motion. This argon body is created out of the noble gas argon and is considered an immortal body created out of concrete mental energies which embrace our concept of self and of our environment. We might term this body our Ego body. Again it exists within its own world of concrete mental energies. This is the throat chakra energy. This body has human features which are more defined with normal coloring but still seem to lack the vitality of real life. Sexual organs are there but not functional. Body hair, for example is seen but has no texture or reality.

Our Krypton body has eighteen points of awareness which we might consider sensory points such as sight, smell, touch, color, tone, weight, emotion, external and internal motion, body position and loudness among others. This body is created out of Upper Emotional energies and is much richer and expressive than the spiritual or mental bodies. This is the heart chakra energy. This body seems like an image of ourselves in all respects, but that is what it is, an image. It is created out of the romantic upper emotional energies of love and pride and nobility and all things that uplift the soul and spirit. It feels like our normal selves when we are not feeling extreme emotions or pain or ecstasy. The sexual organs are more defined and in some cases stimulated.

Our Xenon body has eighteen points of awareness which we might consider sensory points as well much like the other bodies. The point is that each of these bodies is unique and has its own sensory points that exist in different worlds bounded by the complete electron ring of the nobel gas of which it is created. The Xenon body contains the lower emotional energies and passions. This is the Solar Plexus Chakra energy. If you have ever had a feeling like being hit in the gut, it has affected this body. It is the emotions that make our lives rich, but working with the lower emotional energies is difficult. This includes the will to get back up after you have been thrown down. It is about will power and how to use anger in a positive way. In ancient traditions this is the energy of the warrior and the Nordic Ray. In the Druid tradition this would represent Celtic Druidry during the bronze age.

Our Radon body has thirty two points of awareness which is why we consider it to be so solid and permanent. This is what we consider our physical body and lives in what we consider our physical world. But the immortal physical body of Radon is invisible and cannot be sensed tangibly in normal physical circumstances. This gets a bit complex and I hope to cover it later in more depth. This is the sacral chakra energy. This is what we consider our physical body, although the ancient traditions and the martial arts teach about the birth of the immortal physical body, the true Radon body. Once we develop and activate this Radon body we need to drop the old mortal physical body because we no longer need it. This body has body hair and texture that was missing in the higher bodies. It is also much more sexual and capable of working with tantric sexual and orgasmic energies. You can have dreams of astral sex and romantic energy exchanges like kisses and touching.

Our Oganesson body also has thirty two points of awareness and is just as solid and permanent as our physical body, even more so as it is created out of the Womb of Creation, that immense ocean of Oganesson which we call outer space. The Womb of Creation is what gives birth to all life forms. We term this the etheric body and the etheric world or etheric plane which lies beneath the so called physical world. This is the root chakra energy. This is the Womb of Creation and this body is the true ascended body which exists within the Summer Land. This is the magickal link to material manifestation which all magickal traditions must cultivate.

But we speak of full spectrum ascension and the full spectrum soul which has developed and integrated all possible bodies. Awareness must be able to flow smoothly between all levels, using the guidance of the higher levels to influence and empower the lower etheric magickal energies.

Ancient tradition termed the Oganesson body or root chakra as the earth element; the Radon body or sacral chakra as the water element; the Xenon body or Solar Plexus chakra as the air element; and the Krypton body or the heart chakra as the fire element. The higher chakras were not listed or even worked with until much later when they began talking about planetary spheres and sphere working, which was simply another way of describing and including the higher chakras.

For all practical purposes and for our purposes there are only two elements which we might term the sky and earth; or Spiritual Light as SOURCE and Oganesson energy as the Womb of Life and the immense ocean of outer space which is not empty but completely filled with this last of all possible elements. The beginning and the end. We of course are in the middle. So fire and earth are the primal elements. Druidry recognizes both by its deep connection to Gaia as the Womb of Creation and its close observance of the Solar and Lunar cycles and connection to the stars and the milky way galaxy. This is the primal tradition of those who first raised the stone monoliths in various places around the world. This is what we are going to explore in coming posts.

If one wanted to focus on specific energies it would be the energies of specific chakra centers and not the symbolic elements of fire,air,water and earth. But even that focus on specific chakra centers is an error in a way because we are seeking the integration of all energies and not the isolation of energies. |That is why the portal meditations are so important in developing energy channels up and down between all energies!

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Part of the Druid path is the appreciation of the fine arts and from time to time I will share some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them as well!

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The New Energy Dynamics and the new egregore or master pattern are based upon the Reciprocal Systems Theory of Dewey Larson and modern Chaos Theory as I’ve mentioned before. But here is an exciting addendum that looks like it fits perfectly into that pattern. Consider all that exists to have this horn torus shape, all things from the shape of the universe to the milky way galaxy, to Gaia, to our human bodies and to every single atom!

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First initiation into OAK Druidry and Organic Gnosticism. This establishes a permanent connection with Source and one’s HGA or Holy Guardian Angel.

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Those familiar with Wicca have probably heard the term “A Year and a Day”. The concept has to do with initiation and the catalytic effect of it which extends throughout the entire year. In many traditions there are three grades or degrees and initiations. Typically the first initiation is a connection or baptism to the Spiritual light of Source and the egregore of the tradition the candidate is being initiated into. This spiritual connection to Source allows the candidate to purge toxins and negativity from within their own aura throughout the coming year. It also offers protection against outside malevolent energies. To say this another way the first initiation allows a person to begin working on their own repressed emotions and self-defeating behaviors. The spiritual light attracts the darkness, the toxins and negativity, but only those that exist within the candidate. So the candidate is not overwhelmed by them or tainted by outside influences.

The second initiation is the Earth connection or etheric connection to Gaia which ramps things up a notch or two. The goal of the second initiation is to learn and perfect the art of transmuting poisons and toxins into helpful medicines and empowering energies. So in the second initiation the repressed toxins and negativities of others are attracted and taken in and must be transmuted so they not only become harmless, but actually empowering. That is why the work of this second stage is dark and dangerous and you need to prove your own ability to work with these earth energies safely. The earth energies are pure and beneficial, but they remain buried beneath the repressed toxins and self-defeating behaviors of others. This is the art of alchemy and shamanic or magickal healing.

The third initiation is when all energy channels within the body have become purged and perfected. It is only then that the catalytic effect no longer applies to the individual, but magically acts upon the outer world. Symbolically this is the heart initiation as our sphere of influence extends outward within the world for the first time and we are considered adepts or masters of our craft.

The course of study of the ancient Druids was nineteen years. The Rosicrucian Order AMORC required 22 years to complete the degree work when I completed it. The Traditional Martinist Order required around three years. Freemasonry had time restrictions on the various grade initiations as well, but many of the higher initiations are now condensed into one initiation, for example being initiated into many degrees of the Scottish Rite in one day or a weekend. Other traditions such as the OTO granted easy access to the lower degrees or grades, but the higher degrees and grades were numerically locked at only a few people in each country holding those hierarchy positions.

In today’s world there is a rush to complete things, and unfortunately in many cases the true worth and impact of the initiation has been lost or cheapened. Scientology offers classes in which they make it very clear that success results not in just participation in the course, but internalization of the material. You need to demonstrate that it has gone beyond the stage of a skill, to an effortless skill. One that has become so integrated that you can put in it your own words and in your own concepts and even teach it to others. That is when you know that you have truly earned it and integrated it. The same thing happens in the martial arts when a move becomes so automatic that you can do it without thinking about it or realizing that you are doing it. Likewise in New Orleans Voodoo there are no formal grades or initiations, but at a certain point in their personal development a practitioner is recognized by others as a High Priest or High Priestess. There is no formal recognition, only a gathering reputation.

I remember walking down a country road at night when there was a loud noise right behind me that scared me so much I jumped about two feet in the air. But when I touched the ground I was facing the noise and crouched in the defensive position that I had learned in Tai Kwon Do. It was a beaver slapping its tail upon the water as I walked by and frightened it!

For the ancient Druids the first of these three grades was that of Bard. It took a lot of learning. I would say book learning, but they didn’t have books! It was conceptual knowledge or foundational knowledge. It was creating a paradigm or belief system, filling the gaps in their knowledge or understanding and correcting the illusions and wrong thinking that currently existed.

That is what I am going to attempt to do with this blog over the course of the coming year. Between now and the spring equinox I will post a self-initiation meditation to permanently connect you to Gaia’s energy grid and the highest level of SOURCE energy. There will be similarities to the portal meditations but it will not be a portal meditation and will not be a group meditation. It will be the meditation that I did myself long before I created the portal meditations. But it will result in a permanent astral connection to SOURCE energy that can be accessed at all times as a power source. The use of daily portal meditations is still encouraged.

So loosely speaking there will be plenty of study material suitable for the first level each week for the coming year and this time next year I will begin the second level material and offer a second level initiation. My goal is to complete the entire set of materials at the end of three years time. While I style this as a type of Druid study, it is rather a blending of many different threads including completely new material never offered anywhere else in the world. It will teach full spectrum living and magickal work as well as the development of the complete soul and its empowerment.

I am not advertising this in any way and I already mentioned it in my blog “Anarchistbanjosworld”. Those who feel drawn to it are the ones ready for it. The beacons have been lit! My other blog will continue as before without these posts.

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Life is sacred, all of life is sacred. Nature is sacred. Gaia is sacred. We also hold a sacred place and have a sacred duty. There is a balance that exists in nature, a balance that ensures the harmony of ALL LIFE. Before we can live that balance we must understand that balance. It is not just about us or about the human race.

It is too easy to say that we are a part of all that is. It is too easy to say we believe in the Law Of One. It is too easy to say that we are spiritual, because we are not thinking about life! We are not thinking about organic life! We are not thinking about now and the present moment. It is too easy to speak of the immortal soul and the non-physical part of humanity. And why is it all about humanity? What about all the other life forms? What about other species? How can we assist other species as they struggle to survive in this toxic world of twisted humanity? How can they avoid extinction?

There is a sacred path that is scientific, that is magickal and that is spiritual. It is a path that exists in all realms, the etheric, physical, lower emotional, upper emotional, concrete mental, abstract mental, concrete spiritual and abstract spiritual. But before we can even begin to walk that path we need to understand what that path is. The ancient Druids knew that path because they understood the nature of the vital life force that flows through all living things. They understood the magickal etheric energies and knew how to use them. They had a magickal connection to nature and drew upon this vital life force in a healthy and sacred way.

The way of the Druid is to find the sacred and magickal right here in the full spectrum world, not just the physical world. We will talk about that in a later post. What I’m trying to say is that those materialists who do not believe in the soul or in magick or non-physical forces are missing an important part of life. They are missing what makes life rich and meaningful. By the same token those who are so spiritual they turn their backs upon physical life are likewise missing an important part of life. They are also missing what makes life rich and meaningful.

So there are three types of people, the Rational Atheists, Social Enforcers and the Organic Gnostics. Only the Organic Gnostic, only the Druid, seeks the full spectrum of what life has to offer, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. How is this possible? What does the Organic Gnostic or the Druid have that the others don’t have? They have an organic and etheric root chakra connection to Gaia herself. They have common sense and a healthy sense of self.

This root chakra connection is created through the survival pressures of intense physical effort and interaction with the environment and mother earth. Our ancient ancestors lived hard lives and to survive learned how to be tough and resilient. Through history the peasant class, the common people, were the ones who had that instinctive connection to the earth and to Gaia. They are the ones who had access to the magickal power of etheric energies. They had organic wisdom gained through personal experience.

The Rational Atheists and Social Enforcers lacked that root chakra etheric connection and the only way they knew how to survive was by taking the power away from others. They did this by being smarter and more intelligent. They did this in two ways, by being predators and victimizing the weak; and they also did it by being heroic public figures of renown, by being popular. I mention this because the path of the Druid is not that of preying upon the weak or gaining power and influence through popularity. The path of the Druid is the path of true individually earned power and influence. They stood alone and were strong enough to stand alone. That is why they were loved, respected and feared. Etheric power is the most magickal power there is. But the only way to develop it is through hard physical effort and contact with nature.

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To be truthful, I didn’t know what to do, rename my old blog or start totally new. Instead, I’ve repurposed an old blog that I have not used for many years and one whose original intent is true to what I now plan for it, a type of modernized Druidry. But this is going to be different than any of the other blogs out there about Druids and pagans. This is going to be about the development of the soul and its powers within the original spirit of Druidry while incorporating the most advanced and modern techniques and concepts currently available. This is about the creation of a modern magickal Order and what I call Organic Gnosticism and the wisdom of life itself. This is about the creation of a magickal Order suitable for the new age of Gaia that has only now just begun and a group of people I have at times called the New Elves. I’ve simply called this group OAK or The Order and my life’s purpose has long centered around the creation of this group and its teachings. But I’ve never know how to proceed and this time I feel that it is time to proceed with these teachings and share what I have learned through a long life of study and personal experience.

We are now living in a time of social division where individual souls are being polarized with some being drawn to Gaia and all living things, drawn toward the sacredness of all life; or they are being drawn to live in their heads, chasing fantasy and delusion at the risk of losing all contact with objective reality. And it is at this time that the ancient teachings are once more being revealed in new ways. The ancient teachers have returned to lead the way for those who are drawn to them. It is time for society to choose between spirituality and love of life or fear and the cult of death. I can only speak for myself and I chose life!

In this first post I will share a bit about myself and my spiritual path as it has unfolded over the years. I share this for two reasons. The first is to demonstrate that I do try to speak from personal experience and personal understanding, saying things in my own way and not trying to copy or mimic some other path or tradition. The things that I want to share are for the most part much more simple and effective than anything other traditions offer in terms of the development of the soul and its powers.

The second point is to share that I have trained in various traditions and mystery schools and know my way around most of them. To this I will begin by sharing that I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC back in 1976 at the age of nineteen and studied their weekly monographs for over twenty two years, completing their degree studies and becoming an elder in that specific tradition. I remain a member in good standing of that Order as well as an off shoot of that called “The Traditional Martinist Order”. These two orders are however, mystical in nature, and oriented toward connection with the Cosmic Consciousness and not toward connection with Gaia and all living things. The first twenty five years of my life was devoted toward the spiritual pursuit of Cosmic Consciousness and mystical experiences. In 1991 I permanently crossed the Great Abyss in awareness and experienced the bliss of merging with the spiritual light of Source. This had a profound effect on me and the polarity of my soul shifted back downward to reconnect with Gaia and bring that light of Source back down to Gaia with me. So I completed the mystical path but the magickal path awaited me. Traditionally the soul needs to travel both paths before it can be complete.

This downward path was a twisting one that led through various occult and magical studies including being initiated into the 3rd degree of the OTO, The York Rite of Freemasonry including the Templars. But of everything above listed those were only paths which I had undergone physical initiations. My research and study went far beyond those to include:

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

The Rite of Memphis and Mizraim

The Golden Dawn

The Aurum Solis

Gardnerian Wicca and Wicca in general

Dianetics and Scientology (of which I have the complete library of books.)

Sir Francis Bacon Research Trust

Neuro Linguistic Programing or NLP

Neotech (an offshoot of Ayn Rand objectivism)

The Healing Tau (books by Mantak Chia)

Tantra and Sexual Alchemy

The Works of Julius Evola

And I could round these influences off with a BS in psychology and membership in MENSA.

All I’m trying to do is demonstrate that the things I wish to share are the results of serious study and personal experience. At the beginning of this year (2021) I experienced the corresponding Gaia connection or etheric magickal connection that marked the culmination and completion of the magickal path and permanent transfer of awareness to my etheric body. After a lifetime of study and effort I had finally traveled both paths to their completion and that is when I found Druidism!

It is like spending my entire life traveling every possible path but the one that I really belonged to. Like Parcival doomed to travel all roads before he could find salvation, I had to travel all roads before my true path opened to me. A path for my heart and of my heart. The path of my most ancient ancestors. But this time I can travel this path with a modern understanding gained through hard work and personal experience. And that is what I can offer to those interested in this modern path of Druidry. A type of Druidry that is an octave above the old druidry, offering the full spectrum of mystery school teachings and empowerments that have marked the evolution of the mysteries through the ages. I’m not offering something old, but something entirely new and appropriate for today’s world. Something that is needed in today’s world!

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